Green With Goodness

October 30, 2011

Karen says hello! She’s running a low fever now, but was feeling OK when we arrived – and she was especially excited to see her laptop! After we left the hospital, Matt and I headed to Whole Foods for some groceries. On our hike today we discussed how good green curry is and decided to […]

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KERF = Tennis Ball

September 8, 2011

Annddddd….we’re back to Comcast. I spent HOURS on the phone with Century Link + DirecTV today when they didn’t show up for my appointment. I bounced back and forth – harder than a tennis ball – from the two companies. It was not pretty. In fact, very ugly. No, my service will not be $59.99. […]

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There’s Something About Bread

June 4, 2011
IMG_9814 (640x427)Blog

Today was filled with… …Bread [duh] …KERF readers [thanks to all who came in to visit!!] …and Mint Juleps. [Because we can’t work too hard!] We wrapped up day 2 as a great success – only about 5 loaves were left on the rack at the end of the day! Predicting how much bread to […]

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Salt Kissed

May 30, 2011

With all the sweating I’ve been doing, no wonder salty sounded good today! Body Pump was CROWDED! The most people ever – they even ran out of bars. I pumped hard, but it wasn’t the hardest day ever. The bike ride home was tough though! For lunch I had to use up some broccoli on […]

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Feelin’ Crabby

May 15, 2011

At times when I don’t eat very well [such as too much sweets, not enough nutritious food], I really do feel pretty bad. My energy is low, I’m crabby, I have trouble focusing. It always leaves me wondering how many people in this country feel badly all.the.time because they eat mostly processed, sugary-type foods. Hopefully […]

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I Need A Broomstick

May 4, 2011

Because I’m flying from one meeting to another!! How much more efficient [and fun!] would that be! Got home from a late meeting at 1:30 ready for lunch. I decided to whip up a quick stir-fry. In general I crave cold lunches – sandwiches, salads, fruit, snack plates – but sometimes a hot lunch sounds […]

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Lonesome Dove

April 29, 2011

Or.. “The Tale of the Missing Husband” I left Matt at the bakery at 5pm [still working on the oven and cleaning up lots of dust] and headed back home on my bike. He said he’d be home around 6 or 6:30. I piddled around for a bit and then decided to start on dinner […]

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