Black Beans


February 9, 2012

A momentous day!! I got to hear my baby’s heartbeat !! I went for a walk midmorning while running errands. I love doing this – so efficient! I’m going on another shorter walk this afternoon. My goal is an hour of activity everyday. M/W/F is the gym and the rest of the week I do […]

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Fee. Ess. Ta.

February 1, 2012

The word fiesta is overused in the Mexican food world (by me all the time) so I feel like it doesn’t have much weight here. BUT THIS WAS A FIESTA! Hillary came over tonight because we wanted to watch LOST she had a new recipe to try. She had these wontons filled with a festive […]

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Gone Bananas, er, Plantains

October 19, 2011

Something was off in my brain today. Blame the rain or the hormones – it’s usually one or the other! I was in a funk where I couldn’t focus and snacked all afternoon. First on this incredible bowl of pumpkin mixed with plain yogurt and topped with Peanut Butter Hungry bar – then on some […]

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The Tables Have Turned

September 30, 2011

First wasps, then..squirrels? Too many creatures are eating their meals on our outdoor table! Must be because it’s such a nice photography backdrop : ) I went to Body Pump today to hang with Vanessa and Sarah (missed you Katherine!). Class was extra hard today – definitely had to take a few breaks during biceps! […]

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House Turns Into Home

September 27, 2011

So so pleased with our IKEA storage systems!!!!!!!!! Also, the installation company, AIS. The day went so well…..well, except for the 2 missing parts and major missing single piece. More on that later! I’ve never had a closet this sweet! So much room to grow in to But notice the missing clothes rail on the […]

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September 13, 2011

I wish you could see how much work I did today moving in. Incredible progress!! Fueled by a few handfuls of Puffins for a snack! The entire guest room is painted and complete…sneak peak!! I moved one of the big armchairs out of the living room and am now in love with the feel. Much […]

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Delicious With Coconut

August 15, 2011

What’s this crazy fabric on my leg!?! Must be some kind of new mosquito repellant. I haven’t seen anything like it since..April? It’s so cool here…and there’s evidence of the storms all over town. I biked to Body Pump and back and couldn’t believe all the branches down – and gas stations down! [Photo courtesy […]

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