What’s In Our Beer Fridge?

September 26, 2013

Many of you requested to see what’s in the beer fridge, so here is a peek inside from Matt!  As mentioned, our wine purchases aren’t made with the intention of lengthy aging, but we take a different approach with beer.  While I’m always going to have a few 12oz bottles of easy drinking stuff in […]

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Got My Pizza Fix!

January 12, 2008

So this is the third time I’ve had pizza in the past 7 days and it finally satisfied my craving!!! My sister and her boyfriend were in the neighborhood, and we made the last-minute decision to meet them for pizza in the shopping center near our house (which meant we walked – 10 minutes each […]

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December 20, 2007

Foosball Tourney was fun. My team lost, but I scored a few goals! My colleagues: A colleague offered me a taste of the Blue Moon “Full Moon” Seasonal Beer, and as a Blue Moon fan I accepted! I was hoping for just a sip, but I got about 4 oz and ended up drinking it […]

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