Three Strange Meals

January 8, 2013

I was on a roll today with interesting combinations – some on purpose and some not! I couldn’t decide what I wanted for breakfast, so I mixed a few things together: Greek yogurt base with Apple Scrapple bread and hot microwaved cinnamon apple on top. The combo of bread and hot apple on the cool […]

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November 6, 2012

Poor baby didn’t have a good night : ( He doesn’t seem that sick – he acts like himself for the most part, but his poor nose was feeling the effects. Hi guys! Sitting up like a big boy!! There he is! He was actually MUCH better when we got up this morning (can you […]

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So Juicy Sweet

October 20, 2012

Fun on Friday! Matt goes in early on Fridays, so I planned a hands-off breakfast. This was about as easy as it gets – heat, toppings, eat! Leftover Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal. LOVING this recipe!! Topped with melty Barney Butter and Autumn Spice Granola! A fine meal indeed. After breakfast, I made dinner! Actually, we made […]

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Making The Home

October 4, 2012

Last night might have been our worst night yet – we are back to survival mode! [Foreshadowing – the night after will be awesome!] Somebody did not want to sleep. Matt had plans to go into the bakery mid-morning, so I was looking forward to having him around for shower/breakfast time. However, instead I went […]

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September 29, 2012

Good morning dad! We started our day with some delicious pumpkin oats! Matt was a very good sport to make them since he really doesn’t like pumpkin all that much. I gobbled ‘em down! Whipped banana oatmeal with 1/3 cup pumpkin stirred in at end (for 1 serving) and 1/3 cup cottage cheese stirred in […]

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Happy Feet

September 27, 2012

Just kickin’ it around here! Mazen’s new booties in preparation for our farm wedding next weekend! I also ordered some denim items from Old Navy on sale – so cute! Hope they fit! Check out the red cords too ; ) Man is it nice to have Matt home in the mornings. I know it […]

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Simple Sunday.

September 25, 2012

We had a terrific Sunday around here!! Saturday night’s sleeping was one of the best ever – we had a 3 hour + 45 minute stretch!! Hooray! Matt was home all day, brunch was awesome, our weather was as crisp as can be and our meals, delicious. I started the day well rested with a […]

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