March 22, 2009
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They’re up! After hours and hours (and hours!) of work, my two highlight videos are up. They’re not even that great! I had to break it it two because of YouTube’s restrictions. Enjoy Part I Part II My stomach felt kind of queasy this morning! Maybe I am getting used to US water again!? Or […]

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7 Days, 7 Flights

March 21, 2009
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Hello from Detroit! Here’s the next video: best flight of the trip!! My travels have been pleasant again with no delays. I even got a SHOWER in Amsterdam!! I started the trip in the Nairobi airport. My flight wasn’t until 10:50pm. We’d had lunch at 2pm, and we didn’t want to eat a big dinner […]

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Day 6 + 7: Kwa Heri Kenya

March 21, 2009
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Upon leaving the safari, we continued our journey back to Nairobi. The Great Rift slowly crept up on us and all of a sudden we were at the top looking out over miles and miles of valley. You could see this distance better in real life! There were some tourist shops at the top where […]

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Kath Eats Ugali

March 20, 2009

Here’s the first of the videos!! (Thomas is very soft spoken so you’ll want to crank up the volume!)   The finished product:

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Day 6: Safari

March 20, 2009
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We departed the tea estate for a long drive back to Nairobi with an exciting detour into Nakuru National Park where we cruised through the savannah (did someone say Savannah bars!?) on safari. Lunch was packed in a sack:   Here’s what I found inside A beef samosa   A chicken leg (Kanz, too bad […]

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Day 5 + 6: Jambos, Welcomes And Thank Yous

March 19, 2009
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We awoke literally at the crack of dawn this morning to a spectacular East African sunrise as we made our way to the tea fields for plucking   Before we left, breakfast was served in our guest house. First, some fresh fruit. And toast topped with plum jam and honey – Coffee + Tea And […]

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Day 4: Breathtaking

March 17, 2009
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The Great Rift – This day has been absolutely breathtakingly beautiful! Even the breakfast buffet 😉 We started our morning bright and early at 6 with a group breakfast. Since the restaurant was basically empty, I was able to get some photos of the selection. The rainbow of fruit juices Plethora of breads, from croissants […]

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