Strange Invention

January 6, 2008

This was such a mish-mosh of a lunch. I invented something new – a cross between spaghetti squash cakes and oatmeal pancakes – and I think it turned out pretty good! Well, the flavor was good, but the method needs some help.

Spaghetti Squash Pancake, topped with PB and J:


I mixed 4 oz of spaghetti squash with 1/4 cup egg whites and some baking powder and poured it onto a hot skillet. It was really runny, so the thing spread out a lot, and it was really soft, so it was very hard to flip, but the flavor was delicious!!!

I thought about topping it with savory things like avocado and hot sauce, but PB & J just seemed to call me with the sweet squash. It was messy, but great!!

The inside (see the squash layer between the lightly brown egg layers)


I also had a swiss and bleu cheese quesadilla on 1 whole wheat tortilla 


Half a juicy pear. *I ended up giving half of this half to the husband, as I put too much on my plate*


And 4 oz plain yogurt with flax and wheat germ. I also gave about 1/3 of this to the husband. I wasn’t that hungry and served this out before I realized how much lunch I needed!


All together for 500 kcal (after giving away 1/2 the pear and 1/3 the yogurt)


Going out to dinner tonight and I’m about to hit the road. If you have any burning questions, save them for Friday when I get back!!


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1 Karen Downing January 7, 2008 at 10:24 am

Can't wait to try that pancake, it looks great!


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