One Final Party

May 26, 2015

We went over to our friends’ house for one last party last night. The kiddos had a blast!!! So did the moms : ) Matt and I brought a huge bowl of guacamole and lots of chips, plus some burgers for the grill. There was also potato salad, stuffed peppers, and corn on the cob. And […]

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Memorial Day Weekend Highlights

May 25, 2015

On Saturday afternoon we went to our friend’s graduation party deep in the countryside of Virginia. The kids had a great time running wild while the adults sipped from the keg and enjoyed a cookout on the grill. I had one too many of Alice’s Martha Stewart Raspberry Crumble bars! Sunday was super laid back […]

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May 23, 2015

hiiiiiii!! {Rosemary bush coming home from the plant hospital. Hangry shirt from Nourish Snacks!} You guys have lots of great plans for the weekend – from traveling to having babies (!) to relaxing BBQs. We are headed to a party soon, but I wanted to pop in with a mid-way (1/3 way?!) hello. After the […]

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Smells Like Summer!

May 22, 2015

Freshly cut grass scents are wafting through my windows this morning. Yum yum! Last night we debated going out to dinner, but Matt showed up with a bag of green beans and we pulled some fish out of the freezer. This one was worth staying home for! Local trout with Dijon and panko // Dijon-honey […]

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Survivor Finale Brunch (with spoilers!)

May 21, 2015

Survivor spoilers below!!! I am coming off a major caffeine – champagne – finale buzz this afternoon! Hillary and Ellen were at my house by 8am to get started on our brunch menu. I successfully stayed away from the internet and wasn’t spoiled for the fantastic ending. Whew! As a mostly decaf drinker, I had […]

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May 20, 2015

Just breakfasts and dinners today! I have no idea where the lunches are. In my stomach!? Monday night’s dinner was a version of shrimp and grits. I made a big pot of cheesy grits in my rice cooker and then cooked bacon, peppers, tomatoes, and shrimp in a skillet on the side in barbecue sauce. […]

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12 Months of Real Food: Strawberries

May 19, 2015

I’m starting a new monthly (or perhaps bimonthly!) series called the 12 Months of Real Food. Let’s shower our favorite foods with love! May is strawberries! They are so amazing right now. Our family needs to get out strawberry picking before the season is over. Their color is a great indicator of how nutritious they are, as […]

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