Spiced Walnut Pimento Cheese

March 22, 2016
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This post is sponsored by the California Walnut Commission Pimento cheese is one of my top 10 favorite foods. I just love the combination of flavor and texture – even more so if you add some nuts in for crunch!! The California Walnut Commission asked me to create a recipe with walnuts celebrating their taste and nutrition, and […]

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Hello From Bald Head

March 21, 2016
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Guys, I can’t thank you enough for your comments, emails and words of encouragement on my post Friday. I read every word of every comment and feel so loved and supported. That’s all I could ever ask for going through something like this, so I’m giving you all a virtual hug back. Mwah! (I also listened […]

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Sharing My Heart Out

March 18, 2016

I have some news to share with you guys today. I’m nervous about it! There’s always a divide between wanting to be completely honest and wanting to keep my personal life totally private. But the thing is: you deserve the truth because I know so many of you care. Matt and I are separating. Some […]

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Organic Milk: What, Why & How

March 17, 2016
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Sponsored by The National Milk Life Campaign It’s no secret that in our house we are organic milk drinkers, and the National Milk Life Campaign has asked me to talk a little about why drinking organic milk is important to me. Especially after visiting an organic dairy farm last month, I am glad to be […]

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Invited To The White House

March 16, 2016
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^^Add that to my list of coolest blog opportunities!! Yesterday I spent the morning at the White House with about 100 other bloggers learning about the First Lady’s Let’s Move campaign. And Mrs. Obama made an appearance herself, which was such an honor! I joined Brittany, Anne, Tina and Liz representing the Healthy Living Bloggers! Our program […]

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Hillary’s Bridal Shower

March 15, 2016
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Sunday morning I hosted my good friend Hillary’s bridal shower here. While I provided the shelter and servingware, these two ladies, Hillary’s sister Haley and BFF Justine, did all the decor, planning and food. They did an amazing job! It was the most organized event I have ever hosted : ) The theme was loosely […]

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Weekend: ACAC Fun

March 15, 2016
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Part II of our long weekend started Friday evening with a workout class at ACAC’s EDGE! The workout was stations plus a fun obstacle course – all 80s themed! Afterwards we enjoyed Coronas and Brazos tacos!! Plus chips and a veggie platter. Oh and Great Harvest cookies!! TWO tacos for meeee! Later that night we […]

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