40 Winks

March 11, 2014

This post is sponsored by Philips Sleep: It’s one of the top struggles for new parents, myself included. My sleepless nights started well before Mazen was born – I had a lot of insomnia when I was pregnant. Eventually I learned that a swig of juice would almost always put me back to sleep, but […]

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All About Groceries–Part II

March 10, 2014
Lately (600x600)

Things have changed a lot since I wrote my first groceries post. Here’s the updated It’s-2014-and-I-have-a-toddler version! Before having a baby: -We followed a loose meal plan and bought a bunch of veggies and proteins each week -We used building blocks of protein, carbs and veggies to put together meals, and I waited until the […]

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Training With Erin–Fourth and Final Week

March 7, 2014

And we enter our final week!! It’s actually not our final week because I am going to purchase a training package and continue, but I’ll be dropping down to just once a week and aiming to do some of the workouts we have already finished on my own. Week 4 – Upper Body upper body: […]

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March 6, 2014

My Lately posts came in as the top favorite kind of post in my survey (although you are definitely an audience divided!), so I don’t want to change them too much, but my goal moving forward is to provide a little more of the “me” behind my choices. Some weeks will undoubtedly be wordier than […]

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Weight Loss Report Card 2

March 5, 2014

It’s time for another edition of the Weight Loss Report Card! Last time I gave myself a B+ overall – good effort but too many slips…or whatever you want to call them. I feel like it’s hard to talk about weight loss in the blog world without accusations that you’re being too hard on yourself, […]

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Weekend: A Shower + A Date

March 4, 2014

Our weekend started out pretty chill – a sleeping baby and a bottle of wine. Along with a couple of salads made from leftovers Then I watched the premier of Survivor in bed – yayyyyy for one of my favorite shows! (And booooo to the end of Downton for the year) On Saturday I was […]

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I Am What I Tweet

March 3, 2014

This post is sponsored by Bolthouse Farms Hi choir, I’m preaching to you! My health and understanding of weight loss and nutrition really took a turning point when I read the book Superfoods HealthStyle back in 2007 and realized that health is not about what you don’t eat but what you do. Eating then became […]

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