All About Skincare

April 4, 2014

I have a fun post for you today – packed with beauty recommendations! Not mine, but those of an expert: Skincare Health Consultant Anna Lise Jensen. Anna Lise is a fellow Davidson College graduate and is the founder of The Complexion Concierge, which offers consultations to guild clients to finding complete skin health. Anna Lise […]

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Day In The Life

April 3, 2014

By request, a day-in-the-life post! I started this post about 5 times with breakfast photos and got so distracted with the day that it was hard to capture an entire one in one take. Thus, I’ve piecemealed our day together with a variety of photos. 7am – Rise + Shine! Mazen has been sleeping later […]

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Then & Now

April 2, 2014
Grapefruit from Mission

When I think back to the days that I started this blog, I realize that I am now a very different version of my self. Despite the fact that I felt very adult at 24, I look back to those first few posts and see a young, young girl. That me was a newlywed, childless, […]

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Lately: Green Week

April 1, 2014

I’m back to feeling healthy this week after a couple of home-cooked meals! I had the perfect balance of healthy + delicious for breakfast, lunches and dinners. Great workouts too! On the work front, I led a Flash Seminar at UVA on Real Food and the future of food and enjoyed talking to a round […]

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Weekend: Dinner At The Clifton Inn

March 31, 2014

I have had some truly memorable dinners in my life that I think about often: a tasting dinner at Cyrus in Sonoma on the last night of our honeymoon {pre-blog} // Kendall Jackson Food + Wine Pairing // Jefferson Vineyards Worldly Blind Tasting // Jefferson Vineyards Winemaker Barrel Selection Dinner // Hill & Holler Dinner […]

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Stepping Outside Of The RD Box

March 28, 2014

Fellow RD Lee Jackson emailed me about doing a guest post on KERF a few weeks ago. As we brainstormed topic ideas, I realized she had a really cool nontraditional RD job that I wanted to know more about. I get emails all the time about the job options for RDs, so I figured a […]

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The Well-Oiled Machine: Part II

March 27, 2014
Regular- -Orderly

{Part I} I have worked so hard to get our household on a regular and automated schedule – everything from laundry days to bill paying to renewing the annual life insurance policy. My household machine is humming along and requires minimal fuel to keep on chugging. BILLS All of our bills are on auto draft […]

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