New Year’s Eve

January 1, 2008



We went to dinner at this great restaurant, Roosters Wood Fired Kitchen, where the whole menu is a la carte of gourmet foods. Just my style for small portions!!

The bad news is that everything was absolutely drenched in oil and butter,

but the good news is that the actual food was very low in calories because it was almost all veggies!

I started with about an ounce of good artisan bread dipped in a tiny bit of EVOO.


Also decided dinner was the best time to have a glass of wine – this was a Spanish red blend called Vilosell and was absolutely fabulous. (If only the photo could capture the wine’s beauty!) I’d say it was a 6 oz pour. It took me through dinner to finish with small savoring sips.


I split a poached pear, arugula, hazelnut, prosciutto and some kind of delicious cheese salad with my MIL. I got the dressing on the side and only used about 1/2 a tsp.


For our meal, MIL and I split 3 large scallops – I ate 1.5 although there are two on my plate (gave the husband half). They were perfectly seared!! We also got the MOST AMAZING MUSHROOMS ever!!! A blend of shitake, oyster and hen of the wood mushrooms – all drenched in delicious butter 😯 We also got roasted brussels sprouts with bacon and flash-fried collards. All were superb.

**Note this is a salad-size plate**


Seconds on the mushrooms and brussels (the scallops are still the first serving)


I was perfectly satisfied at the end of the meal. I felt like I got some good nutrients in and GREAT gourmet food, even if I did consume 400 kcal worth of butter in the process.

Cocktail Party

Once back to the condo, I had another small glass of white wine. Plus 1 or 2 more sips of the husbands. I’m guessing 10 oz for the night?? I also had a cup of caffeine free peach tea.



The movie Babel was good. Really interesting. Yes, it was sad and depressing, but I would LOVE to be back in one of my liberal arts college classes and discuss all the hidden messages and themes of the movie. I would recommend it simply for the creativity involved.

I’m really proud of myself for not drinking more. We had lots of wine available and I could have easily sipped 10 more oz throughout the evening, but I knew it wouldn’t really make a difference and focused on the movie and my tea instead.

Mid-way through we had some popcorn. This was probably the blandest popcorn I’ve ever had. I maybe had 1.5 cups worth?



And at midnight, my MIL broke out some celebratory snacks. Of course I wasn’t hungry and didn’t need them and I wasn’t going to have more than 1 bite of cheese and a cracker until she brought out the KASHI TLC CRACKERS!!!! Ahhhh… weakness. I probably had 1 whole serving of them (10-15 crackers) plus a triangle of the brie and one taste of the cheddar.  Here’s the group plate – too bad I hate my Kashis right from the box. I should have gotten my own little plate but I wasn’t expecting to eat that many!! C’mon, Kath, you know these secrets to portion control and need to use them!


Ball Drop

Check out the time on the clock!!


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1 Caitlin January 1, 2008 at 7:57 am


You mentioned that one set of grandparents lives in Baltimore, right? Just curious, what part? I live near Towson :)


2 azelma/Jill January 1, 2008 at 8:01 am

Sounds like a lot of fun! I haven't tried to kashi crackers as I wasn't sure if they were worthwhile or not (though I do love most of their other stuff) but now I'll be sure to do so! And brie is amazing stuff… and some of the healthier cheeses, now you started a brie craving in me!


3 Kath January 1, 2008 at 8:02 am


I'm coming to Towson! My grandparents live in Hampton.


Kashi Crackers are SO delicious – it's something in the little seeds that are scattered throughout.



4 Caitlin January 1, 2008 at 9:07 am

Too funny! I went to high school in Hampton – it's a private girls school right down the street from the Hampton Mansion (on Hampton Lane). Have a great time while you're here!


5 Kath January 1, 2008 at 9:35 am


My cousin's live in Towson too and my girl cousin went to a private school – St. Paul's, I think. I wonder if you know her. She's just out of college now.


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