Laid Back Pizza Night

January 11, 2008


The husband and I are just hanging out tonight with nothing special planned – except for the pizza! We started on the dough this afternoon and it turned out great – doughy and chewy and just the right thickness.

Outings + Snacks

While at the grocery store I did quite a bit of nibbling. Normally if I have just one bite of something (an apple sample, a tiny cheese cube) I just cancel it out with the walking that I’m doing – no need to log something that negligible. But today I nibble on around 100 kcal worth of snacks – a little cup of hot apple cider, a chocolate-covered animal cracker, 2 cheese pieces (small ones), about 1.5 fl oz of wine tasting (4 small samples). Just letting you all know for the accountability!


When we were leaving the grocery the air felt so spring like and warm with sunshine that I craved a walk in the nice weather. We found an errand to run too, so the husband and I walked for 30 minutes to and from the shopping center to deposit a check at the ATM.


Once home we started on dinner. He dealt with the pizza crust while I prepared the toppings and sauce. Husband had a bourbon on the rocks; I had some sips:


The pizza turned out great! We topped it with a little homemade sauce, sauteed green peppers and mushrooms with a little jalapeno and 3.5 oz of colby cheese. 18 minutes of baking later:


I also made a salad on the side to help fill me up. Broccoli, carrots and green pepper with lettuce mix, a little bleu cheese crumbles and some avocado. I drizzled it with aged balsamic vinegar and a new discovery – honey! Together they made the perfect light dressing.



All together for about 600 kcal (425 of that is pizza!)



Ending the night with some vanilla rubioos tea to warm me up…



Tomorrow I need to do the shopping that didn’t get done today, plus a few more things. Then I can relax!! The husband’s birthday is Monday and I’m cooking on Sunday, so I’m not sure if we’re going to celebrate with his mom tomorrow or Monday – but we’ll just flip flop the meals to accommodate.  I’m planning to go to the gym first thing, then enjoy breakfast, and then shopping for jeans and birthday gifts – plus some back-to-school supplies at Target :)

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1 hk January 11, 2008 at 3:26 pm

yumm yumm yum! woould you be willing to share the pizza crust recipe?? thanks!


2 Samantha January 11, 2008 at 3:32 pm

That salad looks great! Is that bagged lettuce (if so, is that how you normally buy lettuce?)


3 Brittany January 11, 2008 at 4:21 pm

This may sound weird but how do you buy your blue cheese and feta? Meaning do you buy a prepackaged brand?


4 Kath January 11, 2008 at 5:12 pm


You're in luck – check the video!!


I switch back and forth between fresh and bagged lettuce, but I usually get the bagged. Sometimes I get a romaine head, but I prefer spring mix. This was actually a bag of Harris Teeter brand lettuce called an "Italian blend" with romaine hearts, radicchio, and something else that I forgot.


The bleu cheese we have right now is that Amish brand that's in a blue container. I like it in block form a lot (and agree that aged bleu cheese is very good!) but this Amish kind is nice and moist and I love the convenience of having it pre-crumbled. I hate messing with cheese in blocks. Although, if we were cooking for company we might get the block and do it ourselves. I don't really like Feta so we never get that, but I'd probably by crumbled as well.



5 bev January 12, 2008 at 4:50 am

ok….your pizza video is making me very hungry. I will try that. It is Saturday morning and I'm watching my favorite Food Network. Jamie Oliver is back on and I love his earthy cooking . He is making Butternut Squash Muffins …they look so good . Now his making Pumkin Soup !!!


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