Trip To Kenya, March 2009


Day 1: Flights

Day 2: Flight To Africa

Day 3: Tropical Paradise

Day 3: Welcome Dinner

Day 4: Breathtaking

Day 5 + 6: Jambos, Welcomes And Thank Yous

Kath Eats Ugali

Day 6: Safari

Day 6 + 7: Kwa Heri Kenya

7 Days, 7 Flights

Alexandria, VA

Anniversary Trip To Old Town


July 2008

Kath + Jenna Do Asheville

June 2009

West Carolina, Mountain Meghann

May 2010

Rich In Ashe-vegas

Mountain Mornin’

Love & Marriage


Eye Of The Hurricane

From Corner Kitchen To KERF Kitchen

Bald Head Island

May 2008

Long Time No Sea

Christmas 2008

Bikes + Bites

Eb + Flow Kinda Day

All Things Bald And Beautiful

Sea Ya Later, Bald Head

Christmas 2009

Island Time

A Beautiful, Beachy Birthday

Family Fun

Sand In My Shoes

July 4, 2010

Let Freedom Ring

Christmas 2010

Christmas Hope

Book Sharks

A Day Late, Not A Dollop Short

How Predictable

Fishy Football

Life In A Book

From Sand To Sandwich

Shark Attack

Spring 2012

Buttercream Dream

Chew With A View

Buzz’s Birthday

Fruits Of The Island

Waving Hello!

Cake Walk

Birthday Continues

Cape Fear Near

June 2013 – Larbs + Matt’s Wedding

L + M

Beach Menu



May 2008

When In Maryland…


Berries + Birthdays

Dog Gone Delicious

January 2009

Old Fashioned

Sunday Sermons, Shopping and Snow!


December 2010

Bermuda Cruise

May 2009

Welcome Aboard

Beautiful Bermuda

Sky, Water, Sun, Fun


August 2008

Walked Out

Ladies Lunch + Licks

KERF Does Boston

The Boston Marathon

Northern Trip Ends In North End

June 2009

UFOs and Star Readers

Father’s + Lagers Day

From 5 Miles To 5 Desserts

August 2009

Healthy Living Summit

December 2010

[Cold] Afternoon Delight

The Birds + The Bees

Cold n Sweet

Beer + Fries

Carolina Beach

Summer 2010

Tiki Hutz

Ocean Views

Surf’s Up

Beach Bums

Havana Nights

Bleached Tanned Freckled

Summer 2012

Everything’s Beachy

First Things First

Feelin’ Crabby


Sunshine & Rainbows

Bump In The Sand

Windblown & Squiggled

Nothin’ But Sky And Water

Got My Sunscreen’s Worth

Look At The Stars

Waves Await

Birds Of A Feather

Storm Brewed

Puzzled By The Weather

Leave Only Footprints

Homeward Bound


May 2008, Folly Beach

Greetings from the Love Shack

Time Slows Down

Sand In My Shoes

Withered Feet + Witherspoon

May 2009

Beachy Air

Beauty + Buttercream

Quoth The Raven

July 2009

Southern Summer

Beachy Biscuit Breakfast


Quaker Oats Trip, November 2008

The Coolest

Stuffed With The Real Deal

More Quaker Fun

Trip Of A Lifetime

Bittersweet Homecoming

Summer 2009

BlogHer 2009

August 2010

Healthy Living Summit 2010

Colonial Williamsburg

July 2013

A Weekend In Colonial Williamsburg


December 2011


Tropical Tropics

I Swam In The Ocean

Travel Log

Top 5 Mon


Later Mon

Couples Of The Caribbean [overview post of Couples Swept Away]


June 2009

Love & Marriage (And Cake)

Sav –> Jax

Old + Charming


Key West

February 2014

Key West Food

Key West Fun


October 2009

Flyin’ High To Big Sky

All’s Quite On The Western Front

Bear & Breakfast

Middle Earth

33 And Loopy

The Frontier

Steak Is In Da House

Bread Or Bust

Twice Baked

January 2011

Two weeks of Great Harvest training!

The Road To Great Harvest

Hotter Hotter, Colder Colder [Missoula]

Home Sweet Hotel [Dillon]

Below Zero [Dillon]

Wheat n Eat [GH]

Homecooked [Dillon]

Morning Has Broken, Treadmill Has Broken [Dillon]

Hear Me Roar! [Dillon]

Dillon At Dusk [Dillon]

Warm Front [Dillon]

Working Lunch [GH]

Oh Deer, Oh Dear [Dillon]

Wall Salutations [Dillon]

All You Can Chew [GH]

Nighttime Nutrients [Dillon]

Beautiful Bread [GH]

Old [GH]

Hos. Pi. Tality. [Twin Bridges]

Hey mom, I walked on a frozen lake! [Bozeman]

Bozewoman [Bozeman]

Home @ Homewood [Bozeman]

Rohan [Bozeman]

The Laundry Runs Through It [Dillon]

Thought Process [Dillon]

Sandwich Skool [GH]

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread [GH]

Would You Rather [Dillon]

Make Me A Wich [GH]

Potable Water [Dillon]

Simply Morning [Dillon]

me & my sandwich [GH]

Got Moose? [Missoula]

Feel Like A Million Buckwheats [Missoula]

New Orleans

May 2009

Last Laugh’s On Katrina

Party Like A Hurricane

Let The Good Times Roll

Smells And The City

Beer, Bourbon, Crawfish + Drum

New York City

January 2010

One Lucky Blogger

KERF Grows in Brooklyn

KERF + The City

Wedding Bells

From Open Sky To The Open Sky

April 2010

A Real New Yorker

Healthy FabulousCity


A Girl’s Day

January 2012

All Aboaaaaard!


A Brown Breakfast

Delicious Cupcakes Take Over The World

Studio Canada

A Taste Of The Big Apple

Chill Night

Pushcart Breakfast

Newport, RI

December 2010

New City, Newport


Built Vanderbilt

San Diego

February 2012 | Great Harvest Convention

Some Like It Hot

A California Welcome

Restaurant Rhino


Full, Freezing, Fun!

Indoors, In Minds

Phenomenal Bread!

Banana Breakfast

Reunited With Bread

Springgggg Breakkkkk!

On Second Thought


Summer 2012 | BlogHer Food

Standing In A Puddle Of Fish Juice

Sense Of Taste

The Mix Of Red + Blue

Shut The Pink Door!



Outside Of The Box

On Friendly Terms

Literary Stalker


Fall 2009

The Moment


November 2010


Song Of Sonoma

Purple Juice

Let It Flow And I Don’t Mean Wine

Eatventures, Meatventures


April 2013

Part I

Part II

Part III


Hotel Breakfasts


Morning Has Broken, Treadmill Has Broken

Warm Front

Wall Salutations

Home @ Homewood

Thought Process

Would You Rather

Simply Morning

Hotel Dinners

Home Sweet Hotel [Salad bar + beer]

Homecooked [Sweet potatoes, broccoli + hummus, carrots]

Nighttime Nutrients [Salmon spinach salad, goat cheese, orange]

The Laundry Runs Through It [Deli case + bread]

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread [Sardines, chips + broccoli]

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1 Kristina @ life as kristina January 2, 2011 at 11:44 pm

Wow-now that is a travel recap! I wish I would have started blogging a long time ago so I could do such a great recap! You have def done your share of traveling….where to next?


2 J3nn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) January 3, 2011 at 7:47 pm

Travel posts are always so much fun! I love going on virtual adventures with all the blogs I visit. I really like all of your water pictures, they’re just so beautiful! :)


3 Ling March 15, 2011 at 9:31 pm

Found it! ha ha- great idea you had posting these tips–great stuff:)


4 Julie H. June 2, 2011 at 12:23 pm

I am planning a trip to Napa or Sonoma for our 2nd anniversary… Any bed & breakfasts you went to that were good? …
We went on a honeymoon & had to come home because an infection decided my body was THE place to be. This is my chance at a re-do. :)


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