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April 4, 2008

I spent the day Uptown lunch, “working” and out for Happy Hour! Except for the fact that we have huge skyscrapers, Charlotte is not really much of a city in the whole metropolitan sense, but I sure felt cool today 8)

I have to give a BIG shout out to my Snail Oatmeal. It was snail-like in my stomach – I wasn’t hungry until 1:00!!! Now that’s a reliable breakfast – 6 hours of satiety. I think it was the combo of the extra fiber from the pumpkin and the protein from the egg white. It didn’t taste as good as Kath Classic Banana-Nut Butter Oats, but I’ll definitely be making it again.

I am soooo glad that this busy week has come to an end. Things should be pretty calm until finals week at the end of April. Sorry to be late posting and behind on comments – I hope to catch up ASAP!

Lunch @ Mimosa Grill

Taverna shut down!! I was so excited about the menu!! So we decided to dine at Mimosa Grill instead.

I ordered the Seafood Gumbo, which was good, but not phenomenal. It was kind of like Thanksgiving gravy meets crawfish and oysters. Good, but a bit strange. Of course I picked off the green onions! I ate 1/3 of the cornbread and gave the rest to the hub.


I also ordered a side salad, which was kind of wimpy. That’s a goat cheese ball in the back and it also had candied pecans.


And I had about 5 of the husband’s fries and 2 bites of a REALLY good beer-battered fish!


We didn’t finish lunch until 2pm so I didn’t really need a snack this afternoon. I also did about 40 minutes of walking to and from the lightrail and to and from my office for “work.”

“Work” was fun – it was great to see everything after 4 months of being gone! I was paid well for my visit too, so I was happy to be there :)

Happy Hour

After work, I met the husband and his colleagues for a drink. It sure looks mysterious doesn’t it! Actually, the first pour of this Pinot was awful – enough to send it back, which I don’t do often. But I’m SO glad I did because the fresh bottle was great and the first glass was clearly from an old bottle.


It was tempting to stay Uptown for dinner, but we’re going out tomorrow night with friends and thought we should probably head home for our planned soup tonight.

New Shapes

OK, I admit it. I need to join Dinnerware-Buyers Anonymous. I saw these cute, cute shaped bowls and tiny plates in CB2 and seeing that they were inexpensive, I had to get them. I LOVE green and bright orange, and these bowls are so cool. I suppose having a bowl-buying problem is not as bad as splurging on fancy handbags or expensive spa products, but I think I need to cut myself off from bowls for a while.

Oh yeah, so about DINNER:

Leftover root veggies pureed with leftover lentils and a box of Pacific Butternut Squash Soup. SO fast. So delicious.


Plus a serving of crackers



This dinner was 385 kcal, 13 grams fiber and 10 grams protein.

More Fun?

Our neighbor, who is young and likes to drink beer, invited us over for some. I don’t really want to go because I’m exhausted, but I feel like I should network. We shall see….

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1 Kelly T April 4, 2008 at 7:34 pm

it i ate at a place called mimosa grill, i would have mimosas for my meal.

WAAAA my site is down probably for the rest of the weekend. Bear with me, it will be up again i promise. And I will comment oodles because I am starting to go through withdrawls


2 Em April 4, 2008 at 7:58 pm

ahahaha. your “More Fun?” section made me laugh out loud…And I don’t do that often when reading! I’m always exhausted Fridays though…the thought of going out is rarely appealing after finally getting to rest from the week’s activities!

I’m sorry your lunch wasn’t very good. It’s frustrating going out to eat, spending money, being excited to be trying something new, and then not ending up with the best result. Oh well your soup sure made up for it!

I know about the bowls… I keep looking for a better oatmeal bowl! And I was close to buying a new plate today…it was in my amrs, ready for checkout…and then I quickly decided against it.

have a great evening and weekend Kath!


3 Romina April 4, 2008 at 8:04 pm

Wow! 6 hours of satiety?? That’s amazing. All breakfasts should be that satisfying!

I always love your dinnerware, don’t stop buying new stuff!!


4 bikergurl April 4, 2008 at 8:04 pm

what a great way to eat leftovers! I love reading your blog because you always have so many different ideas!


5 Leah April 4, 2008 at 8:11 pm

Your soup looks so good! Can you taste the lentils- it’s a unique combo, did it taste good? You can’t even see them. About how much did you add?


6 Kath April 4, 2008 at 8:13 pm

We pureed it all, but it was only about 1/4 a cup of leftover lentils.



7 Nick April 4, 2008 at 8:40 pm

I love butternut squash soup!! Definitely one of my favorite soups of all time. Beer battered fish sounds great to, but I generally shy away from fried fish. I’m not sure why, but I like to see the fish that I’m eating. Anyways, it all looks delicious!

The Peanut Butter Boy


8 Ally April 4, 2008 at 8:45 pm

I love Pacifics brand of Butternut squash soup, it’s the best pre-made soup I think I have ever had!

You really did have a long week, you deserve to relax!

I hope you have a fantastic Friday night and kudos to that snail breakfast for lasting so long


9 VeggieGirl April 4, 2008 at 8:59 pm

My meals hold me for that long too, haha – hooray for extra satiety.

Relax, relax, relax!! This past week has been super long and busy, so take advantage of the down-time.

Mmm, butternut squash soup!! Looks lovely.

Enjoy your evening!


10 Stacey M April 4, 2008 at 9:24 pm

Kath, I know this may seem like an odd request, but I feel as though my somewhat (yet unintentional) low daily fat intake is causing the occasional urge to [night] binge. (Anyone else in the same boat?) Would it be possible for you to estimate the grams of fat provided by each meal? Also, it may be interesting for you, too, because it probably also contributes to the length of your satiety. Just an idea!


11 Jennifer April 4, 2008 at 9:27 pm

GO HAVE FUN!!! One day when you have kids you wont have that opportunity as much as you’ll want it 😛


12 Jill April 4, 2008 at 11:33 pm

Just going to second everyone about the soup – the best ever! I’m beginning to think I’ll never have to make my own again! Anyway, I just got my pumpkin for the bread, but what size of loaf does it make so I know when I’m baking it?

Lastly, may I add you to a blog roll on my blog?


13 Kath April 5, 2008 at 6:06 am

I’ve said before that I think adding fat would be too much for me to put up, but since you’re the second (or third) person to ask I will give it a try – but if it’s too much I might take it back down! It’s hard to report all of these numbers with all my homemade meals, but you’re right that it might be interesting. Although I do aim to eat healthy fat at many of my meals, fat isn’t something I normally take note of.

I baked the loaf in a 9×5 pan and it turned out well. You could probably use a little bit smaller one too. And I’d love to be added to your roll!



14 kwaze April 5, 2008 at 6:25 am

Those are cute plates. Not to sound TOTALLY clueless, but what is CB2????? Thanks!


15 Suzanne April 5, 2008 at 7:12 am

Hi Kath,

Do you know what happened to ‘every gym’s nightmare’s site? I’m only asking because I started reading it after you told us all about it.

It’s not working….I hope it’s not permanently disabled!



16 Leah April 5, 2008 at 8:09 am

Suzanne, I just noticed that, hopefully Kelly can tell us.


17 Kath April 5, 2008 at 8:45 am

kwaze ,
Click the link!!

Kelly said in the first comment her site will be down this weekend – we’ll all wait patiently :)



18 bikergurl April 5, 2008 at 9:14 am

Suzanne and Leah – I think she said her blog might be down for the weekend because she’s having problems with wordpress (or something like that :( )


19 Suzanne April 5, 2008 at 3:14 pm

Oh ok – that’s a relief that Kelly’s site is only down for this weekend. Thanks for the update, everyone!


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