Saturday Lunch Live

June 7, 2008

Kath Eats Grilled Veggies!! (Sorry I say "um" so much!!) And the salad that followed – Components: Baby spinach Homemade balsamic-lime dressing Grilled zucchini, squash, turnip, carrot + bell pepper Avocado Goat cheese Raspberries On the side I had an end piece of Rudi’s Honey Wheat with some pesto + homemade hummus (from Karen) And […]

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Kath Eats Mango

April 14, 2008

How I cut mangoes! And I got caught at the end

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Kath Eats Squash + Kale Soup

March 2, 2008

This soup’s a favorite! Enjoy! (P.S. Sorry the video skips at times – we have no idea why it did that!)

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Video Post: Oatmeal!!!!!!

February 24, 2008

You asked for it – you got it! Kath Eats “Classic Kath Oatmeal”

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Video Post: The Husband Brines Meat

February 23, 2008

I can’t keep him away from the camera!! I’ve got to do another video soon to keep up The Husband Brines Meat

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The Husband Eats Chicken

February 20, 2008

Another video post!! We made this one last week (the brie chicken we made on Saturday came from these breasts) but I’ve been so lazy I keep forgetting to put it up! Hope this helps you all save a few dollars! The Husband Disassembles a Chicken

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Kath Eats Parchment Tilapia

February 5, 2008

Video post time! We pulled this together at the last minute – hope you like it Recipe: The packets had layers of: Spinach (1 large bunch, washed and trimmed) Baby Bok choy ( 3 small heads, washed and trimmed) Julienne carrots, celery and red pepper (about a cup each?) 2 3.5-4 oz fish fillet Lemon […]

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