Tucson Part III: Great Harvest Convention

April 13, 2013

Splish, splash. Someone had his first dip in the pool! He loves bath time so he loved this too. Lots of splashing! I bought this rashguard shirt with UV protection and it was great. In the sunshine, we sipped prickly pear and jalapeno margaritas – yum! That evening, all of the Great Harvest owners gathered […]

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Tucson Part II: Hike, Eat, Digest, Nap

April 12, 2013

After I finished my cookie dough cereal, Matt and I went out exploring. I actually spent a whole summer in Arizona when my dad worked in Phoenix when I was young, so I have fond memories of prickly pear flavored everything, giant cacti and desert hikes. We found a little trail that led us to […]

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Tucson Part I: Eatin’ With Gina

April 11, 2013

With a baby in tow, we arrived in Tucson a day before the Great Harvest Convention began so we had time to adjust to the new time zone and settle in before getting down to business. Oh who am I kidding – we just wanted more pool time! We stayed at Loews Ventana Canyon and […]

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Into The Desert: A Morning at Canyon Ranch

April 10, 2013

We have been in the Southwest – Tucson, Arizona – for the Great Harvest Convention all weekend. I have more to share about that later, but first I must share the wonderful mother’s morning out I had on Saturday, our first day here. Flying across the country with Mazen went OK – a few cries […]

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Feast For Kings And Queens

December 29, 2012

Merry Christmas Part II! Yesterday we took it easy for the first half of the day – oatmeal, coffee and a 3.5 mile run for meee! Mom and I made some videos for Real Health and then lunch – avocado, tomato and hummus on Great Harvest bread with fruit on the side Our avocado looks […]

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Somethin’ ‘Bout Virginia…

June 17, 2012

There’s just something amazing about going from 695 to I-70 to 29N to 495 to I-66 and then all of a sudden getting off on the Cville exit to this: No more traffic, construction or brake lights. Just fields and 1.5 hours of pleasant driving left to go. Matt and I rolled right into Whole […]

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Banana, Split. Among Other Things.

June 16, 2012

We’ve been out and about all morning and I’m just now sitting down! My legs are quite tired already today! Matt and I ventured over to the town center in search of breakfast this morning. We went into The Fresh Market and picked up yogurts and bananas and paired them with coffee from Starbucks. I […]

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