Exploring Charleston – Part II

October 14, 2015
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This post is sponsored by Hyatt Place {Part I here!} Saturday started out with sunshine, but we knew rain was on the way, so we tried to do most of our walking in the morning. We walked about 2 miles down to the waterfront and back. After showers and getting dressed for the day, the […]

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Maple and Bacon and Bourbon, Oh My!

October 13, 2015
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This post is sponsored by Hyatt Place If you follow me on social media, you probably saw that Hillary and I had a blast in Charleston this past weekend! A brand new Hyatt Place opened right downtown, and they invited me to stay for the weekend and eat, drink and explore my way around the city […]

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Survivor Retreat

August 12, 2015
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What if you could go to an island, eat seafood, crack open coconuts, participate in physical and mental challenges AND watch an entire season of Survivor all in one!? We did. My Survivor BFFs Hillary and Ellen and I started a conversation about six months ago about how amazing it would be to watch a […]

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50 Shades Of Tan

August 3, 2015
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^^ Despite the umbrella, SPF 50 and breaks midday, we are all much more tan then when we arrived. We also had impeccable weather – it only rained once for 10 minutes! We spent our days exercising in the morning…. Breakfast at 9… Beach hanging from 10-1… Lunching on whatever we could find and watching […]

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Limes & Avocados

July 31, 2015
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^^ That’s what we’re living on here! That and mai tais! Breakfasts have been on the light side because we usually do our workouts in the morning. The latest one was a mix of cardio and strength moves – everything from push ups to squat jumps. We did each exercise (10 of them) for 1 […]

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Kids Night Out

July 29, 2015
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We lucked out with gorgeous weather these past few days. Blue skies and mild temps. I remember sweltering on the beach other summers, so these 80-something degree days is a blessing. Especially since I’m not thrilled about swimming with the sharks this year! Breakfast yesterday – scrambled eggs and swirl toast. For our workout we geared […]

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Live From The Beach

July 28, 2015
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Good morning friends!! I’m blogging live with an ocean view this morning! Our family arrived on Sunday stocked with bread and beer We brought the fixins for burgers and grilled vegetables for dinner and ate them late after sunset. We started yesterday with a low-tide run on the beach Breakfast was a Siggi’s plain yogurt spiced with almond […]

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