Matt Is In Charge

August 29, 2011

Fun times at the bakery today Lots to do! Including a break for a power walk with a new friend! Followed by a snack of vanilla soy milk with the crumbles of the Cville Cluster bag Matt and I charged through our list today and worked right through closing. I realized today that my Great […]

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Last Leg

August 21, 2011
IMG_0107 (450x600)

At the airport! Thankful I made it safely and on time. I just hope the next leg of my journey goes the same! Thanks so much to Sabrina, Trig and the Bambino for their hospitality today – I very much enjoyed my homey afternoon! We joined Gina and Tom for an early dinner at Parc, […]

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June 25, 2011

Another week has come to a close, and that’s cause for celebration!!! Beer while bookkeeping – assurance there are no pennies double counted!!! [Blame boss Matt!] Soon enough I was dancing pirouettes in my new dress! It really did remind me of a ballerina – Five Bamboo sent me this dress and I love it!! […]

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Mine Is Bigger Than Yours

June 24, 2011

Tonight was an all-American classic summer-in-June outdoor concert awesome evening complete with friends and good food. What is it about June!? I packed up some rolls at the bakery… …then ate one and spoiled my dinner! After we closed we headed downtown on our bikes to meet friends at Cville’s Fridays After Five concert. Awesome. […]

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Positively Hospitable

June 6, 2011

I’m still chipping through a massive owner to-do list. Including payroll, Quickbooks, ordering retail and more. And my gosh, don’t ever count money when you’re cranky and hungry! Especially when you get a negative number where you shouldn’t. Now that was confusing. Got it all figured out though! Snick-snacks! I brought in some watermelon we […]

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Mother Of The Bread

June 3, 2011

Four years ago she was Mother of the Bride. I suppose my mom is now Mother of the Bread! She certainly had fun tasting it! We wrapped up a fantastic opening day by selling out of nearly all of our breads!! It was really a great success. THANK YOU ALL so much for your wonderful […]

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Bread Work & Food Play

June 1, 2011

Work hard, play hard has always been a great motto of ours. I think Davidson really defined the term, and Matt and I carry it into our lives. It’s certainly the motto of the week!! We worked like crazy all afternoon. When I say “worked like crazy” I mean we jumped from one task to […]

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