25 lbs

May 19, 2012
2012-05-19 09.13.34

Wrapped up childbirth class at noon today! I really enjoyed the class a lot and am glad we went. Most of all because it was at OUR hospital so I could ask questions about procedures there. When you read books, it’s all kind of hypothetical, but this was very relevant to where we will be […]

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Friday Family Fun

May 11, 2012

Fridays are all about families. Playing with our family of friends and people watching downtown. And sadly, saying goodbye to Sara and Juan : ( Sara has a few more weeks left, but Juan departs for California on Thursday. It’s always so sad to have friends move on. We met them downtown along with Hilary […]

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Crepe Expectations

May 10, 2012

One gorgeous city! Matt and I got dressed up to head out to a Davidson event this evening. Guess what happened to me when I was crossing a street? A guy leaned out of the passenger side of a car and said “HURRY UP PREGNANT LADY!” [I was not walking slow at all.] I can’t […]

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First Friday After Five With A View

May 4, 2012

There was so much going on tonight we had a tough time getting to any of it!! Not only was it First Friday Art Gallery Crawl night, but also Fridays After Five (live music at the pavilion) and Second Street’s root top event, Brews with a View! This afternoon I went to the bakery for […]

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Toe Tappin’

April 26, 2012

Couldn’t wait for our date tonight all day! Good weather, out to dinner, spring concert! Things got done before I left – bean salad making for tomorrow night’s picnic And yeah mom, I finally polished the silver Pretty now!? At 6 Matt and I headed downtown for dinner. The song “I love this town” came […]

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Pepper Play

April 19, 2012

I’m such a homebody with a job at home that when I’m gone all day long it’s weird to get reacquainted to my desk! Hi, desk! We worked on things at the bakery – including our new line of Wild Squirrel nut butters on the shelves! Mom & Pop sent me on my way for […]

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September 30, 2011

Once you start you can’t stop… I’m talking about painting trim…not drinking wine or eating buttercream frosting…although the phrase does apply to both! I broke out some of our house paint to touch up some spots that had been repaired – holes, dings from trying to force our couch into a small door frame. And […]

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