Foodie Survey Results

July 3, 2014

This post is sponsored Remember back when I hosted a survey about ingredients and natural food dyes? The results are in to share! I found the data fascinating because it gave me a glimpse into your heads. While I realize this is a select slice of my opt-in audience, it’s still cool to see what […]

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Behind The Scenes

April 10, 2014

Just popping in to say hello on this fine Thursday morning! Fruit Stickers Here’s a tip for the week: I despise the stickers on fruit. Every time I reach for an apple, pear or orange to wash I have to remove the sticker and then never know what to do with it so it ends […]

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Day In The Life

April 3, 2014

By request, a day-in-the-life post! I started this post about 5 times with breakfast photos and got so distracted with the day that it was hard to capture an entire one in one take. Thus, I’ve piecemealed our day together with a variety of photos. 7am – Rise + Shine! Mazen has been sleeping later […]

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3 Life-Changing Techy Things

March 21, 2014

You know I love to squeeze in a post about my geek side every now and then. Wanted to share these three sites/apps that have been so helpful to me! 1: Voxer Have you heard about this free app? It’s kind of like voice texting – you can leave voice messages for friends or groups […]

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40 Winks

March 11, 2014

This post is sponsored by Philips Sleep: It’s one of the top struggles for new parents, myself included. My sleepless nights started well before Mazen was born – I had a lot of insomnia when I was pregnant. Eventually I learned that a swig of juice would almost always put me back to sleep, but […]

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14 Things For 2014

January 1, 2014

The best you can hope for in life is that your next year is better than your last. Are you guys making resolutions for 2014? I generally have the same ones every year: Those are pretty all-encompassing of the usuals: eat well, exercise often, make time for myself, rest, love on my family and friends, […]

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How Do You Do Your Dishes?

December 27, 2013

{Clearly I’ve been procrastinating writing this post because these photos are with the old kitchen!} Everyone has a different technique to hand washing dishes and unloading the dishwasher. I’m curious to hear how you guys do it! Every time I visit someone else’s house I am fascinated by their habits. Caitlin has shared her efficient […]

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