Guest RD: A Grocery Store Dietitian

September 2, 2014

When I went back to school to become a registered dietitian there were two paths I was interested in: private practice and working for a grocery store. Thus, I love today’s post by Utah-based Registered Dietitian Kayla Womeldorff! She works for Harmons and has some great tips for navigating the aisles. When I tell people […]

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Raise The Bar

August 29, 2014

Remember the days of the blog world when there was a new bar out every week? Remember those big plank bars I used to eat? I probably tried 100 different bars in 2009! There really isn’t a more convenient on-the-go snack. Larabars continue to be my favorite mass-marketed brand. I always have the minis on […]

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Cocktail Hour Minus The Booze

August 20, 2014

Y’all know I love me some cocktail hour. It’s a tradition I grew up with (although obviously not always with alcohol involved!) When I was young it meant Shirley Temples with cheese and crackers!! To me cocktail hour signifies the end to the day (whether that’s a day of sightseeing or work meetings) and the […]

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Can You Grow Oats At Home?

August 19, 2014

This conversation is sponsored by General Mills I think we all know how much I love oats. I eat them for breakfast in some way or another everyday – oatmeal, overnight oats, in bread, in smoothies, in oatmeal pancakes, in baked oatmeal, in cereal, in granola, in dough boy smoothies. They’re one of the most […]

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Guest RD: What Does 100 Calories Look Like?

August 13, 2014

Today’s guest post  is by Michelle Remkus. Michelle is a Registered Dietitian with her Masters in Nutrition and Wellness and writes a blog on her website, Live…Don’t Diet. Michelle did a cool visual collage of 100 calories 24 different ways to give you an idea of how calorie density varies. Pretty cool! I’ll take the […]

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Guest RD: The School Dietitian

July 30, 2014

Today’s post is from Sam of the blog Grapefruit & Granola. Sam is a school dietitian! When I went back to school to become an RD, I really had no idea that foodservice management made up such a large portion of the curriculum. Throughout my internship I worked (and ate!) in a cafeteria for 6 […]

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Guest RD: Balancing Traveling & Nutrition

July 8, 2014

Kori and I met in Charlottesville in 2012 right after Mazen was born! Now she’s a fancy RD and all that jazz : ) Her post today is creative and inspiring! I once spent a few weeks in a hotel while we were in Montana for Great Harvest training, but Kori spent over a month […]

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