Kiwi + Cheese Product

March 18, 2015

Good morning, good afternoon! Today has included: kiwi (Mazen’s first!), coffee and tea, kettlebells, HGTV magazine, and a picnic. Breakfast was scrambled eggs, half of a banana (rejected by M because of a brown spot), half a kiwi (with skin!) and a quarter of a Great Harvest Oat Berry muffin. Karen {My mother-in-law who is visiting from […]

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She’s Here!

March 17, 2015

I picked M up from school at noon and we had Irish Soda bread in honor of St. Paddy’s – since I missed it at breakfast! I made little toast squares topped with cream cheese, sliced turkey, raspberry preserves and arugula. Pretty good!! Plus lots of grapes. Matt and Mazen went to the airport to […]

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Bright And Sunny Monday

March 9, 2015

I have had the worst time staying hydrated this winter. It’s all my fault, of course. I just don’t drink enough water. I often wake up thirsty and move straight to coffee. I just forget to drink water, and the java quenches my thirst. Coffee and tea DO count toward your daily hydration needs because […]

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Glow With The Flow

March 8, 2015

Happy Sunday friends! We started the day with this breakfast of eggs, toast and banana. Cream cheese on Irish Soda Bread tasted just like a cinnamon raisin bagel! Yesterday we took a day trip up to Harrisonburg for our friend Emmy’s birthday party! We got there a little early so we could explore a bit […]

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Just Below Freezing In The Sunshine

March 6, 2015

The snow is melting ferociously around here! Good thing because our temps should be going up next week…finally! Breakfast was a cozy bowl of Greek yogurt topped with bananas and one of my Cookie Dough Balls! Plus a nice drizzle of almond butter. Can I confess that I am so over sunflower butter? I don’t know […]

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Swimmin’ Through The Snow

March 5, 2015

We are getting dumped with snow….which is crazy because it was 50 degrees yesterday. All of our snow had melted. March Fools? The day started with just rain…and this breakfast. Mango, Irish Soda Bread and eggs, all Mazen’s request! He’s really into mango right now. He calls it “mingo”! Since preschool was cancelled yet again, we […]

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What I Ate: The NatureBox Version

March 5, 2015

Good morning! We’re getting some wintry weather again today. I have no idea how you guys live above the Mason Dixon line this time of year! We still have snow on the ground from our first storm, and I don’t think snow has stuck that long in my whole life. NatureBox sent me a selection […]

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