December 16, 2015

We’re in the thick of it friends! Hope you’re having a great holiday season. I always stop other times of the year to pause and think about how it feels for it to be Christmastime. For some reason I’m having a hard time getting in the spirit this year! It might be the 70 degree temps […]

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Festive Weekend

December 8, 2015

A day late and many dollars short, that was a fun Christmasy weekend!! Friday night we walked downtown as a family and took Mazen to see the lighting of the tree on the mall. We got there super early though, so we went to dinner at Mono Loco until the lighting happened. Chips were a huge […]

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The Line That Squiggled

December 4, 2015

Last week was a week of indulgence for most of us, and I imagine that this week many of you – like me – were craving lighter, healthier meals. I think it’s beautiful when we do the squiggle naturally! What goes up must come down! Breakfasts Thanksgiving Tuesday I went to athletic conditioning at the new […]

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Dog Dinners + Puzzles

November 12, 2015
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I am usually the first one to listen to Christmas music, but this year I haven’t given it a thought. It’s still October right? But this video – OMG – it is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen! And it sparked a little holiday season joy into my day. This cutie also sparked some […]

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Four Breakfasts & Cake

November 10, 2015
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Good morning!! Here are some of my breakfasts of late. Best meal of the day! Peanut butter toast / eggs / raspberries! Well gee that looks familiar!! ; ) Different day, different toast topping. Post yoga juice and chia pudding from The Juice Laundry. This is my new favorite spot, and this strawberry chia pudding is […]

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All The Things

October 28, 2015
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It’s been a while since I’ve had time to sit down and share a slice of life. Hold on to your {witches} hats!! ^^The Sayas at the Halloween store scared by the talking witches and electronic barking dogs! Some breakfasts… Overnight oats with granola and almond butter drizzle. Whipped banana oatmeal in a jar on […]

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The Easiest Way To Cut A Mango (And Other Meals!)

October 12, 2015
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Good Monday morning!! You may have seen some of my Charleston fun on Instagram over the weekend – I’ll be writing up a recap of our trip over the next few days! In the meantime, here are a few meals I enjoyed before the trip! Eggs // pear // melon // roll Raw oats // pumpkin […]

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