March 4, 2016
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Morning!! I’ve been daydreaming about summer herby salads and ripe heirloom tomatoes. Must have been that burst of warm weather we had last week! Mazen won’t eat scrambled eggs anymore, so that’s why they’ve disappeared from my plate! But he does like fried eggs, so I’ve been doing those instead. Served with citrus and frothy […]

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Cupcakes For Miles

February 23, 2016
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One year ago my friends group started the tradition of a cupcake tasting in the dead of winter. This year’s theme was PJs, so we all wore plaid pajama pants and yoga pants and put zero effort into our appearance for the night. Stretchy pants required for this feast! The above is the before shot […]

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Climbing Walls, Climbing Moms

February 17, 2016
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Oh boy, we just got hit with a nice little ice storm. Thankfully it was a quick one and melted the following day. But sickness combined with winter weather means Mazen hasn’t had school in two weeks. He loves school, so this isn’t a good thing! Cabin fever for sure. Rather than climbing the walls, […]

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Cold Weather Eats

January 29, 2016
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^^ Loving green smoothies with hot tea!! I’ve been into making my smoothies with almond butter these days. Love the nutty flavor! This one had milk, banana, spinach, and almond butter. Simple green! How cute is he in his hood!?!? My little threenager. Another breakfast – eggs, grapes, coffee and sunshine! After all that snow, […]

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Focus, Click, Review

January 26, 2016

“Just getting those settings juuuuust right.” Click click. “Hmmm…might need to adjust the white balance on that one…” How’s your week going everyone? Snow melting? Or maybe you live somewhere tropical. I am jealous. I’ll just pretend I’m there as I sip my chilly breakfast smoothie – berries, banana, milk, oats, almond butter. This lunch […]

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Post Christmas Reds

December 30, 2015
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Because I have anything but the post-Christmas blues! I’ve actually had a blast these past few days taking down our decorations and detoxifying my body with a few good workouts and healthy food. The best formula! See above breakfast for example I’ve been living at the Juice Laundry this month. For five years I’ve been […]

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The Presents Are Not Wrapped

December 23, 2015
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Good morning! I’ve been up since sunrise listening to some Christmas music and working in bed on my laptop. There are still presents to be wrapped, and I’m running out of time! Keepin’ it casual and sharing some Lately meals this morning. Like this bowl of Raisin Bran! Karen bought this when she visited and […]

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