Home Neat Home

Love It Or List It

October 30, 2013

When we moved into our house we had more space than we could have dreamed of. With just the two of us, three bedrooms were more than enough. We had a guest room that was empty most of the time and a spare room that was just waiting for a little baby to move in. […]

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Home Blogs I Love

October 11, 2013

Confession: I secretly want to be a home blogger. I have dabbled in their world with my Home Neat Home series and House Tours, but home blogger I will never be. I wish I had the DIY skills to transform furniture and install crown molding, but the extent of my home bloggerness stops at redecorating […]

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2013 Garden Update 2

August 15, 2013

Updates from Matt: I’m kinda wishing I had done one of these posts a few weeks back because the transition photos are impossible to compare!  Here’s back in April and May: And here’s now! Early morning shade makes it hard to distinguish anything but it’s clearly booming!  In the front you can see that the […]

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‘Round House

July 12, 2013

Remember that show? I never liked it. I much preferred Clarissa and Are You Afraid Of The Dark! I’ve been working on our house lately and we’ve changed a few things. Since I am more obsessed with houses than I am oatmeal (surprise!), I wanted to share : ) First, we had to get a […]

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2013 Herb Garden

June 4, 2013

“Where are the herbs?” you might ask when you see the other garden posts.  Herbs are certainly some of the most commonly grown plants for amateur gardeners, and just like with growing greens they’re very rewarding because you can continually harvest throughout the summer. After a failed herb garden last year planted in a shady […]

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2013 Garden Update 1

May 30, 2013

Even though these posts are appearing closely the garden has been growing about six weeks now!  The sun is high, enthusiasm is high, and the tomato plants are especially high! It makes me drool when I look at this cluster of flowers and buds on this Sweet 100 plant. I hear this tomato is especially […]

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Garden Part Two: 2013 Planting

May 17, 2013

From Matt: [Read part one here!] I think I say some version of this in every conversation I have about gardening: I’m not a great gardener… yet!  It has always bothered me that gardening takes so long to learn – you basically only get one chance a year.  But reassuringly, all the old timers at […]

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