Evenings Supper Club

May 30, 2014

Last Thursday night I had the honor of being a guest at the inaugural Evenings Supper Club. Evenings is the creation of local chef Bryan Kelly and his wife Melissa. Dinner was held in The Garage, a Cville landmark and mini venue used for art galleries, music and more. They did an amazing job dressing […]

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Elderberry Lemon Basil Cocktail

May 9, 2014

Happy Friday! And Happy Moscato Day! Gallo Family Vineyards sent me an email a few weeks ago that today is National Moscato Day and asked if I would I like a bottle to celebrate. Yes please, don’t mind if I do! While moscato is delicious when you want something sweet on a steamy summer day, […]

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Thanksgiving 2013

December 2, 2013

Hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend!! Here are photos from our Thanksgiving. My parents joined us along with Karen, and we had a simple yet elegant feast. This year we cooked a large turkey breast instead of a full turkey, and it was just as delicious with much less time in the oven. […]

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Coffee Makers Gone Wild

October 16, 2013

I’m here today to talk about the many stages of brewing coffee I have gone through in my life. I have liked all of the following methods, but the priority these days goes to convenience. My goal these days is to minimize the time spent making and cleaning up my mug of {decaf} coffee on […]

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What’s In Our Beer Fridge?

September 26, 2013

Many of you requested to see what’s in the beer fridge, so here is a peek inside from Matt!  As mentioned, our wine purchases aren’t made with the intention of lengthy aging, but we take a different approach with beer.  While I’m always going to have a few 12oz bottles of easy drinking stuff in […]

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What’s On Our Wine Rack?

August 29, 2013

Do you think we prefer reds to whites!? First a bit about our wine buying style: For the most part we buy wines that are drinkable now. While we may hold onto a wine for a long time, in general we don’t purchase bottles with the intention of aging (maybe someday we’ll have some neat […]

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Top 10 Favorite Beers

May 31, 2013

At last, the long-awaited favorite beers post! You probably didn’t even know it was coming, but I’ve been putting this post together in my head and on paper for months. Some of the categories needed some research, so we had to do a little taste testing before choosing favorites. The following beers win best of […]

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