Open Barre

April 25, 2015

Morning! Hope you have a sunny Saturday ahead of you. We are off to a slow start – I have a little cold and woke up at 6am wide awake yet still tired. I watched an episode of Survivor Australia in bed and finally came down for a big french press of coffee. {Now all […]

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Sunset Grass

April 16, 2015

The smell of cut grass on a spring evening – there is no smell like it! Even though today was relatively chilly compared to our sweltering July evenings, I could sense summer on the horizon by the wafts of dirt and green getting kicked up on the soccer field tonight. I almost didn’t go to […]

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Rained Out and Frozen

April 14, 2015

Good evening!! Remember when I used to post after dinner every single night?! I’m ready to curl up on the couch and watch the latest episode of Nashville, but I figured I’d pop in and say hello with a little recap of my day. So HI! ^^ Have you tried this chai (that’s chai not chia!) […]

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Toes In The Grass

April 14, 2015

Yesterday was glorious – sunny skies, warm air and little boys frolicking around in bare feet. Those little bare feet got their first pair of TOMS<3 After we exhausted ourselves getting covered in grass and dirt, we cleaned up for dinner. I made Cook Smarts‘ Chipotle Black Bean Bowls complete with cilantro-lime rice and the usual combo of […]

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Right To The Point

April 10, 2015

Yesterday was kind of a blah day. Blah weather. Nothing really fun scheduled and a bunch of work to catch up on after the Easter festivities, zoo trip day, etc. But I did start my day off on the right foot! Two feet, actually, were jumping high in athletic conditioning (which I have learned is properly […]

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Preschool Spring Break

April 8, 2015

My friends and I laughed (and then cried) when we heard there was a spring break at our preschool. But I guess our great teachers do need one! We decided to take the kids on a field trip this week to help entertain them and get a little education in. Thus we planned a trip […]

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Chocolate XO Wine

April 8, 2015

Good morning! I’m sneaking in a post before Matt leaves for work. That’s how it’s done these days! Yesterday we had our babysitter come, and Mazen had a blast going to the Discovery Museum with her. I was at home working on this recipe for a post! Coming soon : ) I needed to get […]

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