The Best Three Salads In Charlottesville

March 19, 2015

What’s up friends!? We are making birthday cards for Grammie in our PJs – tomorrow is her birthday! Breakfast today was consumed in a rush on the way to preschool – Irish Soda Bread toast with almond butter and oranges. Plus coffee, per usual! Karen and I ran some errands together during preschool. And then […]

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Dinner At Lampo

March 19, 2015

Lampo is our new Neapolitan pizza restaurant here in Cville, and I’ve been dying to try it as soon as it opened. I’ve heard that it’s really hard to get a table, so when we decided we would give it a shot we showed up at 4:45 to wait outside. I think I was still digesting […]

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She’s Here!

March 17, 2015

I picked M up from school at noon and we had Irish Soda bread in honor of St. Paddy’s – since I missed it at breakfast! I made little toast squares topped with cream cheese, sliced turkey, raspberry preserves and arugula. Pretty good!! Plus lots of grapes. Matt and Mazen went to the airport to […]

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She’ll Be Comin’ Round The Mountain

March 17, 2015

KK is coming today!!! We have missed her so much since she moved to San Diego in January. She is having a blast in her new city and has made so many new friends. Mazen is excited to see her and can’t wait for bus rides and malt milkshakes, KK-style! Last night we made a Tom […]

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Stella Got Her Gelato Back

March 13, 2015

Happy Friday!!! (I really had to just stop and think if it was still Thursday…) But it can’t be Thursday because I’m here to write about Thursday! I made meatballs for dinner last night served over whole wheat spaghetti and roasted asparagus. The meatballs were my make-ahead meatballs recipe minus the herbs and plus a few ounces […]

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Morning Bachelor Chat

March 10, 2015

Bachelor spoiler alert!!!!!!! Last night we made this awesome sundried tomato, roasted red pepper and smoked gouda quiche. The fillings were great, but that crust! Yummmmm! On the side – a spinach salad with the basil dressing, blue cheese and those delish praline pumpkin seeds from Naturebox. And this!! Lots of honey notes. Loved it. […]

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Glow With The Flow

March 8, 2015

Happy Sunday friends! We started the day with this breakfast of eggs, toast and banana. Cream cheese on Irish Soda Bread tasted just like a cinnamon raisin bagel! Yesterday we took a day trip up to Harrisonburg for our friend Emmy’s birthday party! We got there a little early so we could explore a bit […]

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