All His Eggs In One Basket

April 1, 2015

First, kettlebells. Then, lunch. Leftover rice salad with leftover salmon on top! Then, quiet time. With lots of Peppa Pig playsets and plastic pizza. THEN – it was the preschool Easter Egg hunt! The handle to our basket broke off en route! Ack! M thought that one trick-or-treated to the Easter Bunny to get chocolate […]

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Open Barre

April 1, 2015

Good afternoon!! Last night I had the chance to run-to-barre with our new boutique barre studio – barre.[d]. (It’s pronounced barred and not barre. D.) The studio’s founder and owner, Hanna, invited me in to test out a class. It’s right on Water Street next to Hot Yoga Cville. The class, called run-to-barre.[d], begins with a […]

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More Friends, More Pizza

March 31, 2015

Pizza night made a comeback! It’s our favorite meal – Mazen especially. He and Matt love rolling out the dough and making Mazen’s own personal pizza that comes out of the oven first. My RD friend Amanda and her husband Matt joined us for dinner. They are homebrewers as well, so we got to try […]

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Double Header

March 29, 2015

Lots of soccer today!! My Jawbone says I covered 21,188 steps in 10.05 miles. I don’t think that’s a record, but it’s one of my highest days! Definitely feelin’ the burn. Breakfast with my sweet! We had raspberry swirl French toast with a little extra scrambled egg, cooked banana and pear slices. Fuel for game #1! […]

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Big Hair Goes Swimming

March 28, 2015

Happy weekend!! Popping in on this sunny-but-cold Saturday to say hello and share our fun so far. Last night was a Friday Fitness Happy Hour at the gym. The theme was Wine & Design! You may have a Wine & Design studio near you, but last night they brought the studio to us. We started […]

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What A Wonderful Spring Surprise

March 26, 2015

Today was awesome!!! We were surprised with a beautiful warm and sunny day. The weather went from drizzly to gorgeous. While M was still at preschool, I went for a run – 3.5 miles – around town. I took a speed shower and then made lunch – a big salad with leftover grown-up hamburger helper […]

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Pizza Party

March 26, 2015

^^ Loving our new table!! Last night we had some new friends over for pizzas and beer. I love a formal dinner party, but we are happiest entertaining with our tried-and-true favorite pizzas coming out of the oven one after another. I think our group went through 4 whole pizzas last night! You-know-who loooooves Matt’s […]

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