October 14, 2012

On Saturday morning, the family geared up for a morning at the City Market to hang out with Matt and explore all the lovely fall vendors. It’s a rare occasion that I leave the house without food in my stomach, but we decided to enjoy breakfast there to keep things simple. Shenandoah Joe’s coffee (half […]

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Practice Makes…

October 11, 2012

A happy baby! We have been practicing smiles, tummy time and crib fun this week. All are going well! Also I’ve been practicing this overnight oats recipe – extra milk seems to be the key to getting the perrrrrfect consistency for me! I’ve been doing more like half a cup of milk (maybe even slightly […]

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Packed + Pumpkined

October 6, 2012

Friday was absolutely crazy. And not because I have a new baby! But because I had to PACK for a wedding weekend with [and for] a new baby plus fit in a handful of other things I had been meaning to do. Good thing I had POUNDS of pumpkin to fuel me along : ) […]

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Leaving The Nest For Nest

September 30, 2012

Because I’m using the Baby Connect app to track nursing and sleeping, I can tell you that two nights ago our night looked like this: 2 hours of nursing + fussing intervals 2 hours of sleep, nurse/soothe 33 minutes of sleep, nurse/soothe 1 hour, 32 minutes of sleep, nurse/soothe 1 hour 45 minutes of sleep, […]

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60 Candles

September 1, 2012

Birthday queen!! Before we got to celebrating Karen, I spent the afternoon doing a little nesting. I washed all the laundry in the house, cleaned the baseboard under my desk (which my dirty shoes scuff all the time), straightened up, reading some Ina May Gaskin and made some date balls! Emily calls these Coconut Date […]

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Lemon Drop

August 30, 2012

I had such a relaxing day – I can’t remember the last time I did so little and didn’t have that “I should be doing X” in the back of my mind. And my afternoon snack was pie!! How fun is that. The last little piece from last night (that’s an appetizer plate not a […]

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American Pie

August 29, 2012

Other post titles considered: Baby Pie Little Pie Today was go,go,go. Nonstop from one thing to the next. The good news is it did take my mind off the fact that my life is about to change, but the bad news is I’m completely exhausted!! I cleared my calendar for tomorrow until dinnertime. I had […]

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