The Milk Man, The Paper Boy

April 29, 2015

KK is here!! She flew in last night and is spending a few days with us before heading to a wedding this weekend and then back to CA. For breakfast this morning we had egg sandwiches on Virginia roll buns. Mine involved a tbsp each of almond butter and raspberry jam. This tastes just like […]

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Gooey Pie and Sunny Sky

April 28, 2015

This morning’s lovely bowl of oatmeal! Whipped banana with flax and cottage cheese. Almond butter on top. Mazen went back to school today after a week off for our trip. He was thrilled to go back! While he was gone I worked on a few things and then did a round of planks from my […]

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Scenes From Saturday

April 27, 2015

It was a big birthday weekend – Caitlin, gym Chris and Matt’s friend Jeff all celebrated! Yesterday was also my half birthday ; ) Our friend Lynsie threw a bash for Chris at her house, and what started as a fun cookout ended as a wild night out on the town involving lots of singing and […]

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Open Barre

April 25, 2015

Morning! Hope you have a sunny Saturday ahead of you. We are off to a slow start – I have a little cold and woke up at 6am wide awake yet still tired. I watched an episode of Survivor Australia in bed and finally came down for a big french press of coffee. {Now all […]

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Adding Back The Good Stuff

April 24, 2015

Good morning from home sweet home!! Spring sprung while we were gone. Since this is our first April in our new yard, it’s extra exciting to see the colors pop out of the bushes! We spent all day yesterday traveling home from BHI. We split the trip into two 3.25 hour legs with a stop at […]

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Smoothie For 2

April 16, 2015

Mornin’! M and I got busy in the kitchen the morning making a smoothie. Super helper boy! Add in oats, milk, banana, raspberries and cottage cheese… Then drop in some kale.. (thought he might resist but he didn’t!) Put on the lid… And push the button! Always the most fun part. “Mommy I want my […]

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Toes In The Grass

April 14, 2015

Yesterday was glorious – sunny skies, warm air and little boys frolicking around in bare feet. Those little bare feet got their first pair of TOMS<3 After we exhausted ourselves getting covered in grass and dirt, we cleaned up for dinner. I made Cook Smarts‘ Chipotle Black Bean Bowls complete with cilantro-lime rice and the usual combo of […]

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