She’ll Be Comin’ Round The Mountain

March 17, 2015

KK is coming today!!! We have missed her so much since she moved to San Diego in January. She is having a blast in her new city and has made so many new friends. Mazen is excited to see her and can’t wait for bus rides and malt milkshakes, KK-style! Last night we made a Tom […]

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From Snow To Sweat

March 16, 2015

Absolutely no complaining here, but I can’t believe how fast we went from piles of snow to drips of sweat! It is almost HOT out there! This weather is absolutely glorious. Wish it would stick around! M and I were kicked out of the house this morning as our roofers finished up some repairs we […]

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Where The Heart Is

March 12, 2015

If home is where the heart is, mine is somewhere new!! We moved! We sold our house, packed everything into boxes and moved across town into The House Worth Moving For. While we weren’t really planning to buy a new house this year, it ticked all of our “must have” boxes and just felt so right. […]

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Morning Bachelor Chat

March 10, 2015

Bachelor spoiler alert!!!!!!! Last night we made this awesome sundried tomato, roasted red pepper and smoked gouda quiche. The fillings were great, but that crust! Yummmmm! On the side – a spinach salad with the basil dressing, blue cheese and those delish praline pumpkin seeds from Naturebox. And this!! Lots of honey notes. Loved it. […]

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Bright And Sunny Monday

March 9, 2015

I have had the worst time staying hydrated this winter. It’s all my fault, of course. I just don’t drink enough water. I often wake up thirsty and move straight to coffee. I just forget to drink water, and the java quenches my thirst. Coffee and tea DO count toward your daily hydration needs because […]

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Glow With The Flow

March 8, 2015

Happy Sunday friends! We started the day with this breakfast of eggs, toast and banana. Cream cheese on Irish Soda Bread tasted just like a cinnamon raisin bagel! Yesterday we took a day trip up to Harrisonburg for our friend Emmy’s birthday party! We got there a little early so we could explore a bit […]

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Feelin’ All Tropical

March 7, 2015

Just because yesterday was our last blast of cold for a while, my brain thinks it’s 70 degrees outside. #weatherobsessed I woke up in the mood for a green smoothie. And spring cleaning. And a sunny outdoor run. Riiiight….Um, try 28 degrees! {Just to be clear….that’s not what our yard looks like now! I wish! […]

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