Eat, Nap, Eat, Nap

September 13, 2012

Tuesday. I was nursing the baby in bed yesterday when Matt brought me a steaming cup of coffee mixed with frothy milk. Heaven in a mug, I tell you! [This was actually his – mine was a tiny mug.] I don’t really want to get hooked on caffeine again, but if he’s home to make […]

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Survival Of The Hungriest

September 12, 2012

Monday. Lots of snuggling going on! My parents left yesterday after a final lunch on the porch Mom made us tomato + cheese sandwiches with plum, fruit salad and quinoa And then we were a family of 3. A while later, Matt had to run to the bakery to tend to something urgent, so Maze […]

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Welcome Home Party

September 11, 2012

[omg I am baby wearing for the first time and can’t believe I have two hands again!!] When we got home at noon yesterday, my family had a celebration planned! Maze took a nap in his crib while we unpacked all of our hospital stuff [Loved the swaddleme for the afternoon, but he hated it […]

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Hotel Martha Jefferson

September 10, 2012

Good morning!! The bears love their new brother – they made a special hospital trip with Grammie Buzz for the occasion! I miss you all so much. I miss regular blogging and it feels really weird to go to bed without posting!  I have SO MUCH I want to share and no time to sit […]

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Maze Daze

September 9, 2012

We are home!!! It’s been such an exciting day. I loved being in the hospital – the nurses were so helpful and the accommodations excellent. However, now that we’re home, I am SO glad to be here!! I was able to get in a 40 minute nap this afternoon in my own comfortable bed while […]

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Falling In Love

September 8, 2012

Matt and I have spent the day getting to know Maze – we took a bajillion photographs, worked on a video, re-counted the entire birth together (most of which I barely remember!) so I can recall the details when I write my birth story, practiced breastfeeding, and did some skin-to-furr bonding. Here are some of […]

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Baby’s First Day

September 8, 2012

We are having a grand ole time getting to know one another here!! Despite not having any sleep yesterday other than two 20 minute naps, I somehow made it through the day without feeling very tired at all. Breakfast yesterday was eggs, toast (which I slathered in butter and jam) and OJ. Despite how hungry […]

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