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June 29, 2009

We’ve been talking about making pancakes all weekend. I got up this morning and had the box out and just wasn’t really in the mood. So I put it away and had a Guiness

IMG_8448 (1024x768)

This was the fruit + veggie portion of breakfast. I blended together spinach, kale, a peach (YUM!), half a banana, flax, and half a cup each of vanilla soy milk and OJ.

And it was the worst green smoothie ever!! Something about the texture. It was just gel with clumps of pulp. I think either the OJ or the peach is to blame. I am usually not a texture person, but I did not finish this –

IMG_8449 (1024x768)

IMG_8451 (1024x768)

For the protein + whole grain portion of breakfast I had an Oikos with some Mix MY Granola

IMG_8453 (1024x768)

It was delish.

IMG_8447 (1024x768)

Not sure what’s on the agenda today

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1 Holly (The Healthy Everythingtarian) June 29, 2009 at 8:51 am

ugh – in theory that should be a delectably delicious smoothie!!! hope the rest of the day goes better – enjoy the excitement of the unknown :)


2 Shannon (The Daily Balance) June 29, 2009 at 8:52 am

sorry to hear the monster turned on you!

Hope you have a great day 😉


3 haya June 29, 2009 at 8:54 am

i think a real guiness would have been much tastier 😉


4 Kristen June 29, 2009 at 8:58 am

But the ingredients looked so promising! Sigh…Yay for not having an agenda. That is nice for a change.


5 Barbara June 29, 2009 at 9:01 am

Oddest Guinness i ever saw :o)…

Have a great week!



6 nicole- chasing blue June 29, 2009 at 9:04 am

i think it’s the oj that makes it funky. i’ve tried it before with oj and it was just too watery and weird.

woot for days with no agenda!


7 Organic Girl aka Ashley H June 29, 2009 at 9:08 am

I have never made a peach smoothie but I have made an apple smoothie and it was terrible!! It tasted furry and just horrible so maybe its a skin thing. I dont know. But pears work really well. Its what I usually put in my smoothies.


8 Beth @ CrossBorderCravings June 29, 2009 at 9:08 am

But peach in a smoothie sounds so good! Bummer.
Have a good agenda-less Monday! haha


9 Rose June 29, 2009 at 9:11 am

Sounds like the peach may be guilty (due to the texture description), unfortunately! :(


10 Amanda @ Cakes and Ale June 29, 2009 at 9:21 am

It probably was the peach… the slimy-ness maybe? Either way, at least you got some good nutrition out of the part you did drink, so it wasn’t all a waste!


11 Kayla June 29, 2009 at 9:23 am

It’s the peach! I tried to make a GM with a peach once and I had the same problem, very gross.


12 april June 29, 2009 at 9:24 am

Sorry to hear about your smoothie! Maybe the peach had something to do with it!


13 Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope June 29, 2009 at 9:25 am

Sorry to hear that the smoothie was a bust… it sure SOUNDS good! Maybe it was the OJ that didn’t mix well? especially with the flax? Oh well, at least you tried! It’s the fun of creating it that counts! :)


14 katherine June 29, 2009 at 9:26 am

Sorry about the smoothie!! Might be the peach, but it’s a bummer that it didn’t work! Maybe pureeing the peach first would help??


15 K June 29, 2009 at 9:33 am

My stomach cannot handle green smoothies. I have given up. I get nauseous and feel over full. I also read afterwards that the body isn’t meant to take food in that form or the weird combinations that green smoothies produce. I guess it’s for the better my body said no.


16 brandi June 29, 2009 at 9:33 am

that stinks about the smoothie! glad you had the yogurt with it – it did look good! that’s half the battle with those green monsters :)


17 JENNA June 29, 2009 at 9:33 am

I usually add OJ to my GM and it adds great flavor. But I noticed when I add Strawberries to the GM it adds a weird texture, so I’m guessing the peach was to blame….it sounds like a great combo though.


18 ellie June 29, 2009 at 9:36 am

My soy milk always curdles when mixed with citrus so maybe it’s the aciditty? That’s why it curdles in coffee too (though no other blogger seems to have this problem so maybe it’s just me 😛 )


19 Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now June 29, 2009 at 9:41 am

I’m sorry the smoothie was so bad. At least it looks pretty in the picture.


20 Susan @ Nurse on the Run June 29, 2009 at 9:42 am

The green monster LOOKS amazing! Too bad it didn’t taste so amazing…


21 Christie @ Find My Weigh June 29, 2009 at 9:48 am

I use frozen peaches all the time and have no trouble with the GM. My guess is that the combo of the OJ and the flax started to gel. I also prefer the texture when most of my ingredients are frozen rather than fresh.


22 Mel @ She Runs Brooklyn June 29, 2009 at 9:54 am

bummer about the smoothie, but greek yourt + granola has to be one of the most delicious healthy things that is edible :)


23 Recipes for Creativity June 29, 2009 at 9:55 am

Ugh, nothing like an icky GM! I usually try to slug them down because I feel bad about wasting the good stuff!


24 Tanya June 29, 2009 at 10:08 am

I’ve had a similar disaster with the green juice when I added carrots. Bleh!


25 Megan (The Runner's Kitchen) June 29, 2009 at 10:16 am

Even if the texture was weird, at least the GM provided lots of nutrients :-) Hope your Monday is a good one. Can’t believe the 4th of July is almost here!


26 Caitlyn June 29, 2009 at 10:20 am

Kath! I’m a HUGE fan of your blog and just wanted to share mine with you (and your readers!) since you and your blog girls inspired me to start it! 😀


27 Adventures of Alice June 29, 2009 at 10:23 am

Isn’t it nice not to have anything necessary on the agenda for a day ? = ) Enjoy your day!


28 Mrs. Myers (Eat Move Write) June 29, 2009 at 10:52 am

Yours is the second blog I’ve read this morning who said their morning smoothie was bad. It’s catching!


29 leslie June 29, 2009 at 11:02 am

i put a peach into a smoothie once and strongly disliked it. best enjoyed on their own i think!


30 Valerie Rosburg June 29, 2009 at 11:02 am

Where did you get the Guinness pint glass? My British husband has been looking for one everywhere!


31 ashley, mom of 3 gets healthy June 29, 2009 at 11:05 am

eww, sorry about the GM. i think that’s why I don’t stray from what I know. When i find something i like i try not to change it. It can get kinda boring too though. glad the yogurt didn’t let you down.


32 A June 29, 2009 at 11:12 am

guinNess = ]


33 D June 29, 2009 at 11:17 am

I use peaches in my smoothies all the time and have only had good experiences with them. I don’t make Green Monster’s though, because I really enjoy eating spinach on its own.

Sometimes my blender doesn’t chop up peach pieces so well (I have a crappy blnder), but if I put them in and puree them first, then all works well.

I LOVE the flavor peach brings into a smoothie.


34 Ellie June 29, 2009 at 11:28 am

Haha! I’m not a frequent commenter but I had to say something because every time I have made a Green Monster so far this summer, I’ve drank it out of my roommate Chris’s Guinness glass. I had a bizarre sense of deja vu looking at YOUR picture of it. Too weird! Sorry this one was gross. I always had good luck with the Guinness glass.


35 Aaron @ CrossBorderCravings June 29, 2009 at 11:30 am

I hear ya with texture! I tried to make a green monster once and all the chunks of kale got me! I’m not sure if I made it wrong or what – but it did not turn out the way I was hoping!


36 Jenn (www. ) June 29, 2009 at 11:56 am

Mmm… Oikos!



37 Natalie June 29, 2009 at 11:57 am

I had some oikos mixed with some granola too! It is good stuff :)


38 K June 29, 2009 at 12:05 pm

Sorry the GM attacked!! I do fully support eating/drinking breakfast out of booze glasses though :)


39 Morgan June 29, 2009 at 12:07 pm

I think OJ and milk curdle if you don’t drink it fast enough. Either way, that’s no fun! Next time go for the real Guiness! j/k


40 Deva June 29, 2009 at 12:28 pm

slimy beverages are NOT good. Could it have been the flax, as someone above suggested? I know an egg replacer recipe I have was flax blended with water to make goo.


41 Jill Maysmith June 29, 2009 at 12:45 pm

sorry to hear the “loch-ness” monster did ya wrong–I gotta say I love the green monster but it is not the easiest on the ol’ tumtum!


42 Caronae June 29, 2009 at 1:40 pm

whenever I have orange juice in a smoothie it alwyas ruins it ! :(


43 Sheila June 29, 2009 at 1:59 pm

After reading the list of ingredients I am sure that the peach was not the problem.


44 Kath June 29, 2009 at 2:16 pm

Caitlyn ,

Valerie Rosburg,
It came in a gift set from my dad.

Ellie ,
Haha – funny!



45 Kaitlyn June 29, 2009 at 2:46 pm



46 Cyclist Kate June 29, 2009 at 2:57 pm

Flax always makes my gm’s gel up. It’s tolerable if I chug it right away, but leave it for a few minutes and I could practically spread the stuff on some toast. Gross! What helps a little is if I blend up my smoothie ingredients sans flax, then toss in the flax at the end and blend it just for about two seconds to mix it in.


47 marie June 29, 2009 at 6:47 pm

nice glass!!


48 KatieTX June 29, 2009 at 7:37 pm

I was planning on trying peach in my spinach smoothie but now I am scared! Maybe I will experiment and just use spinach, peach and vanilla soy milk and no oj.


49 Tay June 29, 2009 at 8:02 pm

Have you tried making a green smoothie with frozen mango chunks?? To DIE for!!


50 daniele June 29, 2009 at 9:58 pm

i made a GM with a REALLY ripe peach yesterday and it was quite tasty!

it was a frozen banana, fresh ripe peach, plain yogurt, blueberry/pomegranate juice, ground flax, spinach, ice and a teaspoon of almond butter. mmm-mmmh!


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