December 2013


December 20, 2013

Last week was not the greatist – Matt came down with some full-body-ache disease, and I had a stomach bug for about 48 hours and caught a cold later in the week. Mazen didn’t catch either of the adult illnesses, thank goodness! But needless to say, my appetite was all over the place. I was […]

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Rebel Dieting

December 19, 2013

Today I bring you a guest post from Registered Dietitian Kait, who works in Private Practice in the DC Metro Area. She uses the non-dieting approach to intuitive eating. Check out her blog Rebel Dietitian for meal planning tips and recipes, self-care ideas, and ways to embrace the rebel mentality! I am so happy to […]

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December 18, 2013

This winter, put on your slippers, crank up the heat and cozy up to the fire with a….. Popsicle!! Outshine Fruit Bars asked me to give their new seasonal flavors a lick. My tongue said OK! The weather outside might be frightful, but that’s all the more reason to cozy up to some tropical fruit. […]

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December 17, 2013

Spring cleaning gets all the attention. But as soon as the temperatures dropped I get the urge to clean, declutter and organize my life. All the summer stuff becomes distracting, and I need to make room for my Christmas décor! The following are ways I winterized my life : ) This is an obvious one! […]

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3 Days, 4 Parties

December 16, 2013

It was a wild weekend of parties! We attended a chili party on Friday night, a first birthday on Saturday afternoon, a holiday cocktail gathering on Saturday night and a family Christmas party on Sunday. Needless to day I think my Squiggly Line needs a little dip this week!! Sunday morning Matt got up with […]

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Have Your Christmas And Eat It Too

December 13, 2013

No one wants to spend the holiday season deprived of its delicious abundance. But no one wants to gain the Holiday Ten. “Eat before the holiday party”  //  “Skip the eggnog”  //  “This 50 calorie skinny cocktail is the lightest” Conventional diet advice means you’re missing out on the most wonderful time of the year. […]

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The Family Dinner

December 12, 2013

Dinnertime is a wonderful time to come together as a family. Yet I am sure many families would report the hours between 5 and 8pm as being the most stressful of the day. Everyone is hungry and grumpy, dinner has to be made, last minute tasks need to be completed before the day is over […]

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