September 2013

Summer Vegetable Salad

September 30, 2013

Summatime, summatime, sum sum summatime. As the days grow shorter, so does our time left with summer produce. Lovely tomatoes. Fresh okra. Crisp green beans. Peppers that bite. They all come together in this salad that is as healthy as it is delicious. The star of the show is fresh lima beans I picked up […]

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Salvadoran Breakfast

September 27, 2013

My good friend and fellow mom Gaby is from El Salvador. Although she came to the United States when she was young, she continues to make desayuno Salvadoreño on a regular basis. She invited Mazen and me over to breakfast last week to try it and share the menu with you. Our menu… Tortillas in […]

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What’s In Our Beer Fridge?

September 26, 2013

Many of you requested to see what’s in the beer fridge, so here is a peek inside from Matt!  As mentioned, our wine purchases aren’t made with the intention of lengthy aging, but we take a different approach with beer.  While I’m always going to have a few 12oz bottles of easy drinking stuff in […]

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Lately: Breakfasts and Lunches

September 25, 2013

Now that you know what we’ve had for dinner all last week, how about some breakfasts and lunches? Drippy egg, caramelized bananas and Cinnamon Raisin Walnut toast. I have found that everything tastes better when cooked together in a hot skillet, toast included. Here is a toasty Virginia potato roll with egg, almond butter and […]

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Cook Smarts

September 24, 2013

Last week I had lots and lots of fun in the kitchen! My inspiration was a meal planning service from Cook Smarts. Jess, the site’s founder and chef extraordinaire, asked me if I’d like a complimentary meal plan subscription to share my experience with you all. Upon first glance I knew that Cook Smarts and […]

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September 23, 2013

Here are some shots from two Fridays ago that never made it up when Karen went with us to Fridays After Five. On Saturday night we cooked an amazing dinner at home: steaks, caprese salads, rolls and summer salad. This past weekend hit up the farmer’s market, went to a first birthday party, visited Karen […]

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Pumpkin Meatloaf with Pumpkin BBQ Sauce

September 20, 2013

It’s no secret that I love pumpkin, but Matt on the other hand isn’t a pumpkinaholic. So it came as a surprise to me when he proclaimed one afternoon: “Let’s make a pumpkin meatloaf!” His idea wasn’t totally random because we had leftover beef from Mazen’s first birthday and a huge can of pumpkin from […]

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