July 2013

A Summer Night’s Food Prep

July 31, 2013

We have gobloads of tomatoes and basil so we decided to make the obvious: gazpacho and pesto. Here are some shots from the evening : ) Rather than dirty the Cuisinart (pesto) and the Vitamix (gazpacho) I tried to do both in the Vitamix with great success. I used this recipe with probably a lot […]

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Weekend With Caitlin + Henry

July 30, 2013

We had some special visitors this weekend!! Caitlin and Henry made the trek up to Cville for some solid play time. Both the mamas and the babies played hard together! We sipped wine during naptime, blew bubbles on the porch, picnicked and pranced in the grass at Fridays After Five, watched Mad Men over Sweet […]

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July 29, 2013

Because of our Williamsburg trip, this week felt short. Here are some of the highlights! Breakfasts Scrambled eggs, toast, fruit with sunflower butter Yogurt with tons of fresh fruit, chia seeds, cinnamon and sunbutter Cheerios with banana, blueberries, peach, sunbutter and milk Hot oats whipped with banana and blackberries. Sunbutter was the theme of the […]

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Beauty Favorites

July 26, 2013

Throughout the years I have gotten question after question about my facial and makeup routines. I thank you for the compliments, but my routine is really nothing special! I am really not much of a beauty junkie (Jessica amazes me with her beauty posts!), and I attribute any glow that might be peeking out of […]

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Anatomy Of A Snack

July 25, 2013
NatureBox 2160

This post is brought to you by NatureBox!   Snacking is one of those things that seems so simple. If you’re hungry, eat! Some people snack all day long; others (like my dad) never snack. I rarely find myself hungry between breakfast and lunch (assuming I have a sizeable breakfast) but I almost always need […]

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DIY Sparkling Water

July 24, 2013

From the keg master, Matt: What is it about fizz that turns a drink from boring to brilliant?  Having sparkling water on tap is perfect when you want something exciting and refreshing but without any calories or alcohol.  And for those who find drinking water during the day a chore, it’s now like a reward! […]

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A Weekend In Colonial Williamsburg

July 23, 2013

This post is brought to you by Colonial Williamsburg. Book your stay at colonialwilliamsburg.com. Matt and I wanted to plan a romantic weekend getaway this summer. Or at least as romantic as it can get travelling with a 10 month old ; ) We used to go to Asheville, NC a few times a year […]

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