March 2013


March 20, 2013

We had a lovely weekend with both wonderful and not-so-wonderful weather. We spent time with friends, on the porch, tasting bourbon, cooking with wine, eating pizza and delicious desserts. Playdate. Friday night pizzas, kale salad and Italian Cream cake from Paradox that Karen brought over! Bourbon tasting…Maker’s Mark won : ) Saturday morning walking Chicken, […]

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Lunch In A Box

March 18, 2013

Every so often I get requests for lunchbox ideas from those of you who eat your lunches anywhere but home. I refer people to search for posts from “Spring 2010 when I packed my lunch everyday for my internship.” I realize that is a vague response because those posts are hard to find! So here […]

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March 16, 2013

This week flew by thanks to a couple of evening engagements. Because of this, we planned really simple dinners: soup, leftover soup, salad. A few lunches are missing too – must have been a busy week! Breakfasts kick off with a big bowl of overnight oats embedded with banana and chia seeds and topped with […]

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All-In-One Crockpot Chicken & Rice

March 14, 2013

This slow-cooked dinner was totally awesome, but I don’t feel the recipe is worthy of Recipage honor since I’m not all that sure what the perfect measurements are. However the concept is easy enough that I thought I’d share anyways – and hopefully you can make it work in your kitchen. My idea was to […]

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Yoga Journey Continues At Opal

March 13, 2013
IMG_0207 (480x640)

If you have been reading KERF since my Charlotte days, you might remember how much I fell in love with hot vinyasa yoga. I first tried it at Yoga One in Charlotte and then my favorite studio, Y2 Yoga opened and I really fell head over heels. Y2 had it all: heat, rockin’ music, lavender […]

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March 12, 2013

We had an a-Mazen weekend thanks to some warm weather and a free schedule. Lots of playtime and relaxin’ around the house. Friday night we made lentil burgers out of my lentil salad. We just added an egg, formed patties and then fried ‘em up. Served on Gouda + Stout buns with a broccoli salad. […]

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Smoky Maple Lentil Salad

March 11, 2013

When I’m meal planning for the week I try to designate one night as “bean night.” This can range from a Mexican bowl of pinto beans to a bean soup to a prepared lentil salad like this one. Bonus points if I can make it in advance! Dinner hour with a baby is so chaotic […]

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