November 2012

No Bird’s The Word

November 23, 2012

Raise your hand if you’re full and happy! That’s one stuffed little turkey lurkey!! We had a great night’s sleep last night (5.5 hours + 3 hours + 1 hour!) and then started the day with some Body Pump!! Matt took Maze and I took Andrew with me to the gym. It had been a […]

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‘Twas The Night Before

November 22, 2012

I heart holidays!! So does my little turkey. {Gobble onesie by KERF reader Jacks & Roxanne!} We were up early this morning (per usual) but this time we went out exercising with our friend Kipton before breakfast. I had half a banana and some sunflower butter before we hit the road for a great stroller power […]

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Me & My Man

November 21, 2012

The bakery is busy busy busy, so Matt was gone before sunrise this morning. That meant I spent the whole day just my little man and me! Starting with breakfast. Baby in his seat, mom at the stove making oats! Whipped banana oatmeal in a Wild Squirrel Jar! I reallyyyy enjoyed this vanilla espresso the […]

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In With The New

November 20, 2012

French Toast – Bam! I don’t know if it’s a craving for a blend of eggs and carbs for breakfast or what, but I am just loving this combo!! Cinnamon Swirl topped with seared banana, coconut and Barney Butter. Yay. Today was my first day back to PUMP CHALLENGE! Unlike what some of you first […]

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Souped Up Soup

November 19, 2012

We had a fabulous Sunday as a family of three. Pancakes. FOUR BABY NAPS!!! Family workout. Staying in our PJs until noon. Organizing the house. Look at this BIG guy in his crib. Remember when he was just a teeny little doll!?   Matt made us Great Harvest pancakes for breakfast With bananas embedded inside […]

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Frosty The Snow Lawn

November 18, 2012

Brrrrr. We’ve had several frosts already, but I sure noticed this one! It’s weird though how much warmer November is compared to the frosts of January/February. It’s still the kind of cold I can tolerate. February, not so fun. This smiling face was looking up at me at 3am last night. He really really wanted […]

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Eat Greek

November 17, 2012

Gooooood morning sunshine! I couldn’t wait to make my favorite bowl of oatmeal this morning – whipped banana oatmeal with pumpkin, cottage cheese, vanilla, sunbutter and coconut. Fab. u. lous. And super filling! After breakfast and morning feeding, Maze and I walked to the gym in the BOB and did an elliptical workout followed by […]

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