July 2012

Veggies With A Side Of Meat

July 31, 2012

Tuesday nights are fun!! I go to Mommy & Me-In-The-Womb yoga and Matt makes dinner. He came home a little early this afternoon to get started on a crock-pot dish with some local pork spare ribs. Our plates were full of delicious vegetables – and a little meat in the center. He even wrote out […]

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Olympic Fanfare

July 31, 2012

I normally don’t have the TV on while I work – it’s too distracting. But I found this morning that the Olympics make excellent background noise! Unless it’s a sport I’m deeply into (like gymnastics ). I “watched” swimming, rowing and basketball this morning while I worked on the couch. I plan to spend the […]

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Mountain Dew

July 31, 2012

Misty morning! I never got that nap yesterday, but I ended up sleeping past 8am this morning to make up for it. Quick bowl of cereal to make up for lost time: Barbara’s Oat Squares, banana, blueberries and sunflower butter – I missed you! Earl Grey tea is my fav! Have a lovely Tuesday!

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Lycopene Explosion

July 30, 2012

I have more tomatoes for you! We have tons coming out of the garden – Matt brings in a shirt full a few times a week. He also keeps getting them at the markets, so we have had a continuous surplus for a few weeks now! Sometimes he eats them like apples. I am not […]

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Ain’t Nothin’ Like

July 30, 2012

You know that Brad Paisley song? “Ain’t Nothin’ Like?” I have it stuck in my head – about this tomato! I went to Pump Challenge this morning. I keep losing equipment! First it was the heavy weights, then the bar, and now the step! Our class is not traditional Body Pump – it’s more like […]

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Man Made

July 30, 2012

Matt made oatmeal!! I still can’t figure out what he does differently than me, but I’m pretty sure it’s a little less water. His oatmeal is so flavorful and dense! Whipped banana oatmeal topped with puffed brown rice, pumpkin chip Hungry Bar and Naturally Nutty Almond Butter! Just some guzzled water on the side. I […]

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Three’s Company

July 29, 2012

Busy packed day!! Karen and I said farewell to Mom + Dad (crazy the next time I see them I will most likely have a baby!) and departed for Cville around 11:30 this morning – sandwiches in tow! Leftover London Broil with provolone, tomato, mustard and pickle for me Plus we each took a plum […]

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