April 2012


April 28, 2012

Not my nails, which really could use some, but the silver! I agree, looks much better : ) Breakfast this morning was a big bowl of whipped banana oats with strawberries and cottage cheese stirred in near the end of cooking, more banana on top (since we’re going out of town I didn’t want to […]

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Pick A Nick

April 27, 2012

Nothin’ like some friend action on a Friday night! When I got home from the conference today, I really wanted to take a nap and a walk. Instead I unpacked, logged my continuing ed credits, paid a bill, washed my Toms, changed the bedding, prepped the picnic and ate a snack! Yogurt + clusters (disclosure […]

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Talk & Eat Real Food

April 27, 2012

Just got home from a long day talking about nutrition! After hearing a talk on integrative medicine, I’m all pumped about healthy foods. Especially while snacking on two powerhouses: strawberries and almonds that I brought from home! Lunch was catered by Revolutionary Soup and very healthy as well! There was a delay in plate delivery, […]

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Start Your Day With Whole Grains

April 27, 2012

Every morning I’ve had to get up early I have been up an hour before my alarm waiting for it to go off! Hopefully a healthy breakfast will get me through! I’m attending the local Blue Ridge Dietetic Association meeting today, getting some learn in! At the Virginia meeting, the breakfast was lacking a bit […]

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Toe Tappin’

April 26, 2012

Couldn’t wait for our date tonight all day! Good weather, out to dinner, spring concert! Things got done before I left – bean salad making for tomorrow night’s picnic And yeah mom, I finally polished the silver Pretty now!? At 6 Matt and I headed downtown for dinner. The song “I love this town” came […]

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Open Mic

April 26, 2012

Two days in a row of microphone talk! Today’s event with the inaugural Cville Food Bloggers Round Table hosted by Cville Connect. My friend Mike is starting a podcast all about food, and we kicked it off today with Bella Eats, Gracefulfitness and The Diner Of Cville! I was nervous getting going, but once we […]

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Wood… You Like Some Dough?

April 26, 2012

Time is flying by – it’s Thursday! I wrote this to-do list last night and it has doubled in size since with an additional call and 2 other to-dos. And we have this awesome new reclaimed wood chalkboard in our kitchen! A friend of a friend wanted to hire me to help her get started […]

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