February 2012

A Continental Breakfast

February 27, 2012

Morning!! Other than a 4am phone call from the bakery inquiring about an oven control, we slept pretty well. Although sad news: this hotel is not generous with its internet. I have to march all the way to my room to publish a post today, and they blocked Netflix!! Meaning – we went to bed […]

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Full, Freezing, Fun!

February 26, 2012

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr – Is that breeze bringing in cold air from Alaska or something? It’s not too bad without the wind, but after standing in it for 3 hours, we’re frozen solid! This afternoon Matt and I strolled downtown for some window shopping – which turned into real shopping! We ended up popping into a store […]

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February 26, 2012

Karen actually lived on Coronado Island when she spent a year living in San Diego 6 years ago and went through a paralegal program at University of San Diego. So when she heard convention would be here, she was THRILLED to come back for a visit. Throughout the weekend, she likes to just stop and […]

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Restaurant Rhino

February 26, 2012

Good morning!! We are well rested and full of coffee! I’m being a lot more conscious of caffeine and had half a cup of regular made in our room followed by about 3 cups of decaf at breakfast. We slept well, and woke up around 6:30am to open the balcony door for some fresh California […]

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A California Welcome

February 25, 2012

The opening ceremonies of the 2012 Great Harvest Convention led 15 of us on an informal field trip up to Temecula to visit the Great Harvest here and the home of owners Brad and Alicia. The gorgeous backdrop that unfolded! Karen, Matt and I went wine tasting in Temecula 6 years ago when Karen lived […]

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Some Like It Hot

February 25, 2012

Hello from the Hotel Del!! We’re thrilled to be staying in such an awesome  historic landmark! Great Harvest knows how to book a convention : ) Our flight went well. I took 3 naps and read The Hunger Games. Almost done with book 3! These birds of paradise are all over the resort – so […]

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Traveling Legs

February 25, 2012

Happy early morning!! We were up at 4:45 to leave for the airport. All excited and chipper for now! Chief Executive Mom: Baby KERF says hi   I had a banana upon waking And a few sips of Matt’s coffee But the real fun is in my lunchbox! I made hard-boiled eggs yesterday for the […]

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