October 2011

Tricks & Treats

October 31, 2011
Hungry BarsBlog

Hungry? I was. While photographing the Hungry bars for OpenSky. Or maybe they just made me hungry. I had some peanut butter choco chip – yum! Have a sweet craving? We have lots of leftovers. Only 2 groups of trick or treaters came by. But when they did, it was VERY exciting! We had a […]

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More Black + Orange

October 31, 2011

I did Chris’s Body Pump this morning to scare myself. My biceps are already fearing next week! Then I cooked a sweet potato to celebrate more orange! 26 minutes in a 375* oven and cooked to a perfect crisp. Olive oil rub, salt, cinnamon and cayenne are my favorite seasonings. Plus a drizzle of maple […]

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Eaten Alive

October 31, 2011

Good morning! Glad to be alive today? That is, unless you are a zombie or a ghost. I considered having a Snickers bar or Butterfinger for breakfast, but instead decided on a bowl of yogurt topped with hot cinnamon apple, banana, crumbled Apple Streusel teacake from the bakery, sunflower butter and sprinkles. This teacake is […]

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Green With Goodness

October 30, 2011

Karen says hello! She’s running a low fever now, but was feeling OK when we arrived – and she was especially excited to see her laptop! After we left the hospital, Matt and I headed to Whole Foods for some groceries. On our hike today we discussed how good green curry is and decided to […]

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Chinese Water Torture

October 30, 2011

I forgot to mention in my tea frenzy this morning the noise that we’ve been hearing in our house. We turned the heat on yesterday during a rain storm, so I did not think anything of the plonks of drip I hear a few times in the basement. Later that evening I could still hear […]

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Bread + Water

October 30, 2011

“Bread and water can so easily be toast and tea.” –Unknown Last week I ran out of Kodiak cakes! Fear not, more boxes were on the way the next day. I bought them myself, but I asked Cameron if he might want to give a discount for you guys – ‘cause they’re so good and […]

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Cold As A Witch’s…

October 29, 2011

Cackle, cackle! Tonight Matt and I attended the Arthritis Foundation’s First Annual Bone Bash as the bread sponsors for the evening. We donated about 50 loaves of bread to feed the crowd. Please note that cereal tastes better than Hansel + Gretel did… I dressed as a witch – wearing an old formal dress I […]

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