September 2011


September 30, 2011

Once you start you can’t stop… I’m talking about painting trim…not drinking wine or eating buttercream frosting…although the phrase does apply to both! I broke out some of our house paint to touch up some spots that had been repaired – holes, dings from trying to force our couch into a small door frame. And […]

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The Tables Have Turned

September 30, 2011

First wasps, then..squirrels? Too many creatures are eating their meals on our outdoor table! Must be because it’s such a nice photography backdrop : ) I went to Body Pump today to hang with Vanessa and Sarah (missed you Katherine!). Class was extra hard today – definitely had to take a few breaks during biceps! […]

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The Ledge Of Glory

September 30, 2011

It’s Friday and pancakes were on the menu! I have never been a huge fan of pancakes (I much prefer things in bowls that are mushy like oats, cereal, yogurt mixes) but lately, pancakes have been TRUMPING them all!!!! Especially pumpkin pancakes. Pumpkin doesn’t really alter the flavor all that much, but the texture!!! Oh […]

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September 29, 2011

I may like squash more than pumpkin. Maybe. I roasted up a pan of butternut squash and fennel this afternoon to have for an early dinner. I tossed them in a few tbsp of coconut oil along with salt, pepper and cinnamon. 400* for 30 minutes = divine buttery squash. A light dinner heavy on […]

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Turtle Spurtle

September 29, 2011

Hey Friends! Turtlin’ on through the day here…      My talk this morning was lots of fun – bread for all!        I brought some of my favorite nutrition books (Superfoods Healthstyle, Intuitive Eating and In Defense of Food for visuals and talk to folks at an environmental consulting company about real food. I […]

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Pumpkin On Pumpkin

September 29, 2011

I’m just going to apologize now for the abundance of pumpkin in the next few weeks. Know that: It’s one of my top 10 favorite foods and flavors It’s a superfood!! So behold: pumpkin on pumpkin action: Coach’s Oats { <– on sale right now!} made with milk, water, banana and chia seeds. I added […]

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Left Over Yonder

September 28, 2011

Things were pretty laid back today at the bakery. Except for my appetite for sweets! That was on fiyah! So good, y’all, so good!! Matt was very busy today: Crossing my fingers for Imperial Pumpkin in 10 days! {Maybe a little longer…} I came home at 7 after closing down to find that dinner had […]

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