May 2011

Backyard Bootcamp

May 29, 2011

Matt and I participated in a 3-hour, exhausting backyard bootcamp!! Our garden got a 3-hour weed job And I became Mrs. Lawnmower Don’t ask me why my tank top is tucked in! How embarrassing. It must have gotten stuck. Also, notice the blooper here? Despite SPF 85, I now have a sick tank top & […]

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The Perfect Marriage

May 29, 2011

…Involves great communication and sunflower butter & jelly! It’s the week of our 4-year wedding anniversary!! We’ll be celebrating with our bakery’s open house on Thursday night. Boy did 4 years fly by! (But did you know we’ve been together for nearly 10 years?! Read about how we met in this post.) Our wedding date […]

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Duo Loco

May 28, 2011

Tonight we got together with some of Karen’s friends, who happen to also be the parents of one of my sisters good college friends: The Blakeys. Our dinner wasn’t until 7:30 and at about 6PM my stomach was growling for dinner! I can ignore the general build of hunger before a meal, and I generally […]

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Energizer Sunny

May 28, 2011

Boy am I worn out after this morning!!! I’ve been going nonstop since 9:30 when I met KERF reader Kelly for a walk to the farmer’s market – She’s moving here later this summer! We browsed around And I filled up on veggies in my backpack – basil peeking out the top! We’re growing basil […]

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French + Floral

May 28, 2011

French toast for a beautiful morning!! Many nights when we get in bed I ask Matt: “What do you want for breakfast?” You might think it’s too early to be considering breakfast, but since I’m always the first one up I’d rather ask him then than wake him up from a snooze in the AM! […]

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Heart <3 Stomach

May 27, 2011

You didn’t think I was sick of bread, did you!? Just a wee bit tired of sandwiches. Bread always has a place in my heart and stomach! This afternoon while working I got hungry for a snack and tried out a new tiny jar of chutney we ordered for our retail shelves. I mixed it […]

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May 27, 2011

Today required quite the logistical planning. We drove to the bakery and first, made sandwiches Then drove to the radio station for our meeting (and sandwich tasting!) Then I dropped Matt off at the bakery and went to Body Pump (awesomeness. I really miss it if I only make it to one class a week! […]

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