November 2010

Green Reminds Me

November 30, 2010

Working hard on the blog!! I’ve been wanting to organize many of my most memorable posts for a while, and this project kept me completely mesmerized without a nod to the real world for hours this afternoon. I’ve only finished the Blog Events page – a Travel page is also in the works. Can I […]

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So This Girl Walks Into A Bar

November 30, 2010

And picks it up to pump iron! BodyPump recreation: The class was an ‘express class’ so it was 45 minutes instead of an hour. That worked great for my weight lifting ADD ; ) And this time, the MUSIC was GOOD!! [Read about my first experience with BodyPump here.] “Whatcha Say” was one of the […]

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November 30, 2010

Somehow I managed to sleep waaaay too late today! Do you want to know my hypothesis? We set the coffee timer last night (which we don’t normally do) because we made overnight oats, which are ready in an instant. The coffee usually takes 5-7 minutes to brew. The timer was set for 7:45. So I […]

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November 29, 2010

Anyone else keep seeing this word pop up!? I’ve seen it in Whole Living and on Conan. Quote Urban Dictionary: “A weird word used by weird teachers to describe their infinite confusion.” Interrrrresssting. Perhaps that is me after all? I took charge of dinner tonight and stumbled upon this: Leftovers!!!! Get out every last drop […]

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Will Work For Coffee

November 29, 2010

What a lovely way to get in some exercise! Lately I have just been in love with walking!! So much more pleasant than sweating on some machine, although at times I love that too. I forget how close we really are from downtown. 2.1 miles flew by. We decided to split a french press at […]

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On A Pedestal

November 29, 2010

So far Charlottesville doesn’t feel any colder than North Carolina. Yet the temperatures say it should! I think because it’s in a nice valley hidden by the mountains that it feels warmer than it is. Or perhaps it’s just the warmness in my heart Speaking of warmth, I suggested overnight oats last night but in […]

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O Tannenbaum

November 28, 2010

Last year we procrastinated getting a Christmas tree for so long we decided the week before Christmas we just weren’t going to get one. This year, we went out as soon as Thanksgiving was over to be sure we got enough love outta the tree. Despite a few hundred pine needles in the back seat […]

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