March 2010

Sun On Green On Green

March 31, 2010

Afternoon snack! Photographed exactly 24 hours prior So much better than the iPhone, no? I had one of Allie‘s granola bars around 4PM – TOTALLY AWESOME!! These were super crunchy + chewy at the same time. I loved the sunflower seeds and embedded nuts. A winning recipe for sure!! Also ate a furry kiwi. Yes, […]

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Orange Ya Glad It’s Lunchtime?

March 31, 2010
IMG_9269 (640x427)

I’m about to head into a lunch meeting about blogging and social media possibilities for my office. Thank goodness for prepared-in-advance lunch posts!!! Today’s fruit + vegetable feast…. The Lunchbox Leftover tempeh orange stir-fry. Super-easy-vegeatble-based lunch #2 = dinner leftovers. We ran out of rice, but this is veggies + tempeh + orange sauce Orange […]

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Tunes + Rays

March 31, 2010

There’s nothing quite as uplifting as good music + sunshine! Having a totally awesome morning over here! Got a great laugh last night when I walked into our bedroom and found Matt fast asleep with Bocker propped up on a pillow. The Bears have been hibernating all winter on a rocking chair and came out […]

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Ants + Lance

March 30, 2010

I’ve got both in my pants!!! Let me explain…. I was itching at the office to get out in the sunshine. Our office at the hospital has no windows and it’s the most beautiful spring day here!!! I snacked on my last Vega Vibrancy bar at 3:30 to tide me over till dinner. Loved these […]

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Fill Me With Food + Sun

March 30, 2010
IMG_9204 (640x427)

My colleague gave me a tour of the whole place. MY is this next rotation going to be amazing – in the classic sense of the word. Eye-opening and interesting. So much to see and learn. I’m getting nervous! We walked all over the place for about an hour – it was quite a workout […]

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Rested + Stuffed

March 30, 2010
IMG_9246 (640x427)

9 hours of sleep last night! Sadly I still feel like I’m in a funk! Maybe it’s 2 days off of exercise. Or maybe it’s hormones. Always blame the hormones! (And no, not those hormones – just ones in general!) I made some overnight oats to have for breakfast since I have to be at […]

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Trading Weights For Sunshine

March 29, 2010
IMG_0009 (480x640)

Exhaustion from my lack of sleep hit me this afternoon. Well, actually, I haven’t felt much like myself all day! If yesterday’s lesson was to "eat your breakfast" today’s is "get your sleep!" I have no idea  how people can skimp on sleep and breakfast day in and out. I’d be one big grump! I […]

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