July 2009


July 29, 2009
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Good afternoon?!  Almost! I feel like Kath in Wonderland today. The alarm went off at 6AM and I was in such a fog and dreaming wild dreams of rabbits and caterpillars that Matt and I both went back to sleep. It was still dark out and I’ve been spoiled getting to sleep through sunrise this […]

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Look What The Dough Brought In

July 28, 2009
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Flowers! My favorite kind + color! Thanks Kanz! Karen came over to deliver a huge beef tenderloin and have Matt butcher it for freezing (we’re having some on Friday night when his brother Andrew comes to town). Not sure what the conversation was here – probably Karen saying how hot our house is without AC […]

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Change Of Plans

July 28, 2009
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I didn’t get to meet with Mary this morning (her poor toe needs a boot) but I did get a lot done, including an annoying oil change, a project deliverable and a Gather article on sardines! Which prompted my lunch craving: Sardine + Avocado Salad The Mix: 1 can dill + mustard sardines 1 extra […]

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Regular Ole Morning

July 28, 2009
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I feel like a normal American getting up, showering, eating cereal and going to work I am (was) meeting Mary this morning to tie up our internship strings. But it looks like she might have broken her toe!! Ouch. So I’m in limbo at the moment – still might go uptown to write at a […]

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100% Husband

July 27, 2009
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I got Matt to thank for this awesome meal!!! We biked to the gym around 3:30 today, just missing a few rain showers. I did a quick 30 minutes on the Squirrelliptical and we raced back home. Quick and fun with lots of bike-to-bike shouting conversation. I didn’t get hungry for a snack until about […]

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All Polly On Ya

July 27, 2009
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Sadly my to-do list has not made much progress! We did get in the grocery shopping though. And I caught up on some blog reading (I didn’t get ANY read while at BlogHer). And we had a conference call with Great Harvest! We were scheduled to workout right before the call and then had to […]

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There’s Beer In My Oatmeal!

July 27, 2009
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It was a late morning around here. I was so tired from my travels. But I had a new breakfast concept to try, so I got up quickly. At the Highland Brewery and then again at Sam Adams we got to nibble on some malted barley. It was delicious! Matt said he would get me […]

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