May 2009

Adi: Oatonomy

May 30, 2009

This was so easy that anyone could make this.  Even my dad could! – and that says a lot. 😉 I grilled a red pepper on the bbq and chopped up a tomato + half an avocado.  I got some rice pasta cooking and once that was finished, I mixed in the veggies (umm, fruit? […]

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Allison: Mama’s Weeds

May 30, 2009

I found organic strawberries on sale yesterday and knew overnight oats were in my future.  Last night I combined a 1/2 c of rolled oats, 1/4 c LF Stoneyfield Farms vanilla yogurt and 1/2 c unsweetened Living Harvest vanilla hemp milk. All stirred up and ready to soak over night! This morning I topped with […]

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Megan: The Runner’s Kitchen

May 30, 2009

A few months ago I visited the Popover Cafe on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Without exaggeration, I can say that my spinach salad was one of the BEST that I have ever eaten. The base was a mound of spinach topped with thinly sliced red onion, creamy goat cheese, 4 strips of crisp […]

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Jessica: Johnstone’s Vin Blanc

May 30, 2009

I’ve always been intrigued by fresh, warm crepes and always order then when dining out.  I’ve seen others make them before too, but always  thought I needed to allot several hours to "figuring them out".  Today, I learned this is NOT so!! The batter whipped up in a matter of seconds and using a non-stick […]

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Megan: Guten Megan

May 29, 2009

I’m one of those people who eats five mini meals a day. That means that I don’t always feel the need to get tons of protein, carbs, fat, etc. in every meal, because the next meal inevitably will contain whatever was missing in the last. That said, one my favorite ways to eat is by […]

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Jenn: Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now

May 29, 2009
mother's day 002_thumb

Here are a couple pictures from my Mother’s Day meal, and one of my mom, my sister, and me (all three of us are devoted KERF readers!).   My meal included 2 oz. salmon and 1 oz. shrimp with 1 oz. basil pesto spread over both. On the side, I had tons of fresh green […]

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More Bear Adventures!!

May 29, 2009

The bears had a big day out and about!! See for yourself at Cheers!! B+B

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