March 2009

Thumbs Up

March 31, 2009

I wouldn’t say this was the absolute perfect day (no sunshine was seen!) but it sure has been a good one. Lots of accomplishments. Some school work knocked out this afternoon. Lots of good, satisfying food. I give it a thumbs up And what nice day wouldn’t have a little wine?! I finished off the […]

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Caught Up On Life

March 31, 2009

Well I haven’t gotten much school work done today, but I’ve been working nonstop since I left you last! Tasks accomplished: Cleaned the bathroom Caught up on emails Mailed 2 packages Ordered more stamps Printed out Clinical notes RVSPed to a wedding Had a call with a possible freelance op ( ) Did the dishes […]

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Berry Exciting

March 31, 2009
IMG_3954 (1024x768)

It was The Red Violin was really good. Subtitles (and it took me 15 minutes into the movie to realize I needed to turn them on!), intriguing plot, WEIRD, but very good! I got in bed just after 10 and let myself sleep until 7, when I woke up naturally. It was nice. I came […]

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The Wind Down Before The Rewind

March 30, 2009

What a fulfilling few days its been. Paper finished. Test over. Assignment finished early. On the home front too. Matt spent his day off brewing beer with some friends, cooking chickpeas, mowing the first lawn of spring and cooking a fabulous dinner! (And he’s in the process of mopping the post-brewing dirty kitchen floor too […]

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No Eating In The Library!

March 30, 2009

Whoooo hoooo!! Biochem test O.V.E.R. It went well enough. It was one of those “stretch your brain and apply what you know” type tests, so I really have no idea how I did. Then Food Science was cancelled, so my friends and I went over to the library early to knock out this Foodservice assignment […]

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KERF: Currently Cool!

March 30, 2009

The long awaited Current video is here!!! A big thanks to Marsha and Dave at WinRock Productions for doing such a wonderful job. I think they captured us well! A Day In The Life Of KERF I think the little pink “On TV” box means this is airing on Current’s TV channel Workout I didn’t […]

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Chem Weekend Wrap Up

March 29, 2009

This whole weekend, sans meals and a little entertainment, was devoted to biochemistry. It was long, but also very productive and I feel good about my paper and  hopefully will feel good about my test tomorrow at 11:00am! Next weekend: all Foodservice This afternoon some Exploded Wheatberry Bread came out of the oven. I was […]

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