January 2009

Pizza &…..a Movie?

January 31, 2009
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Pizza  – yay!! Movie? Nay! I had a glass of Trader Joe’s Velvet Moon upon arrival – one of my new favorites! Kate put out some yummy appetizers – including Kashi crackers (caaaashi crackers said in midwestern accent!) I had about half a serving of these – after dinner when I got the munchies! I […]

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January 31, 2009
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It is too pretty of a day to go to the gym (plus I wanted to spend time with the husband) so I decided to make today a NEAT day – Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. I read an article in this month’s Natural Health Magazine about NEAT and think it’s a really cool concept. I guess […]

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Muffin Madness

January 31, 2009
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“Do you like braaaaan muffins?” Remember MuffinFilms.com!?!? I woke up a little dehydrated and blah-ish from last night’s dinner. But I did 40 minutes of yoga (!!) and felt so much better from head to toe. I did YogaDownload’s Power Yoga #2, which was the first one of theirs I did not like that much. […]

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January 30, 2009

{Insert every cuss word in the world here] I hate WordPress. I cannot upload tonight. I have been working on this for the past hour with Zesty and cannot figure out why I am getting an error. To make things worse, my manual upload is broken too. I’ll figure it out, but I’ve been up […]

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Wheeeeeeeee! Turns Into ROAR

January 30, 2009

FINALLY!!!!!!!! I guess WordPress just didn’t like me last night. Maybe it was tired too. Fun night at Dolce !   We started with this fab bottle of red –    And some bread, which was cold I started with the Fresca Salad – field greens, chopped pears, caramelized walnuts, golden raisins; tossed with balsamic […]

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"Cookies" + Photography

January 30, 2009
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I forgot about you guys!!! I was just sitting here responding to emails and realized I hadn’t blogged lunch yet My photo shoot threw me off! We had a fun food lab this morning – cookies!! We split 9 cookie recipes between the groups and baked them off with slight variations in ingredients and then […]

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Fast Fridays

January 30, 2009
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Everything is rushed on Friday! My alarm went off at 5:02 and I was up at 5:10 (after a few 2-minute snoozes…) My computer stopped me on my way out the door with some emails to read, so I finally made it to the gym at 5:45. While there I did a really nice 45 […]

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